As part of Intrada’s 30th anniversary celebration, Intrada is bringing back one of Jerry Goldsmith’s most important scores of the ’60s.  In Harm’s Way was the most ambitious picture Goldsmith had tackled up to that point in his career.  With more than a dozen feature scores under his belt, he was a veteran. But working with the legendary Otto Preminger on a massive production with a cast including John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Henry Fonda represented a zenith. Although the film is quite lengthy, it is spotted carefully, with very little music in the first part of the picture.  But when Goldsmith steps up to the podium, he unleashes a powerful, militaristic score that remains one the strongest in his body of work.

The previous Intrada issue of the RCA album sold out fairly quickly.  It was a straight reissue of the LP master, quite saturated in reverb and the only available elements at the time.  When Intrada decided to pursue a reissue, a second perusal revealed the original 1/2″ multitrack reels that had collected all the tracks planned for the LP master, before the reverb had been added.  They also included three additional tracks originally planned but not included in that final master.  Those two source cues and new score track are now added to this newly mastered and considerably crisper recording.

The film itself features the tale of naval officers and their wives, of the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor and its aftermath, and of the dramatic events that comprised those early days for America after entering WWII.

Crisp, detailed stereo as never before heard with three previously unreleased tracks Goldsmith originally selected for possible inclusion in legendary 1965 RCA album but dropped prior to release. Mammoth Otto Preminger Naval action film set during aftermath of Pearl Harbor attack examines war primarily from the command level. Paramount Pictures presents, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal, Henry Fonda, many others star. One of Goldsmith’s single greatest cues ever is rousing “Intermission”, retitled “The Rock” for the LP and originally planned as closing of Act I (Reel 9) before picture was trimmed during post-production.

Goldsmith wrote two Hawaiian source pieces for reel 5. He chose one for the album, the other appears here for the first time as well. Also making debut is the very first piece of music in the film, “By The Sleepy Lagoon”, which plays over the Saul Bass title card at the film’s start and continues as the camera pans by officers caps, a sign advertising the officer’s dance on December 6, 1941 and finally settling inside the dance room where Goldsmith himself leads the big band. But the real new treat is powerhouse “Old Swayback” sequence where John Wayne and crew return to their old destroyer to engage the Japanese in battle. Importance of cue is hard to overstate: opening French horn motif, powerful percussion outbursts, dynamic fortissimo major chords in trombones literally “launch” composer’s first foray into what becomes his career-long signature military style. Knockout world premiere track! Yet two more cues actually play longer than the edited versions that ultimately appeared on the record.

First half of Intrada presentation premieres everything now available in picture sequence, including new material. Second portion of Intrada CD offers complete RCA album, newly remixed and remastered, also for the first time from newly-discovered multi-track stereo session elements recorded in December 1964 at MGM Studios and stored in Sony vaults. This is In Harm’s Way as it has never been heard before, with tender themes, sparkling jazz pieces and, in particular, some of Goldsmith’s most thrilling and dynamic action cues ever. “One Way Ticket” literally sizzles! Add in the premiere of “Old Swayback” and this qualifies as a true knockout. Fun tidbit: at time of RCA release, Goldsmith had just one actual soundtrack album: Lilies Of The Field.

Original Saul Bass-designed cover art adds extra appeal. Jerry Goldsmith conducts.

Label: Intrada 7143
Date: 1965
Time: 78:02
Tracks: 33



Expanded Original Soundtrack
01. By The Sleepy Lagoon (Eric Coates)* (1:49)
02. Liz [Liz In Harm’s Way] (2:05)
03. Medley: Try Again, Moonburn (2:48)
04. Night Swim [Night On The Beach]** (2:42)
05. Positive Identification (1:34)
06. Relieved Of Duty [Change Of Command] (3:29)
07. Hawaiian Mood (2:01)
08. Silver Sea* (1:47)
09. Family Talk [The Rock And His Lady] (2:51)
10. Long Goodbye [Goodbye] (2:48)
11. Welcome To Toulebonne [Native Quarter]** (2:31)
12. Intermission [The Rock] (1:35)
13. Torrey’s Arrival [Battle Theme From In Harm’s Way] (2:31)
14. Attack Plans [Attack] (2:05)
15. Mac’s Arrival [Love Theme From In Harm’s Way] (2:33)
16. Old Swayback* (1:23)
17. One-Way Ticket (1:49)
18. Main Title [First Victory] (2:44)
Total Soundtrack Time: 41:59


Original 1965 RCA Soundtrack Album
19. Love Theme From In Harm’s Way (2:33)
20. Liz In Harm’s Way (2:05)
21. The Rock (1:35)
22. Native Quarter (2:02)
23. Goodbye (2:48)
24. Positive Identification (1:34)
25. Battle Theme From In Harm’s Way (2:31)
26. Night On The Beach (2:08)
27. Attack (2:05)
28. The Rock And His Lady (2:51)
29. Hawaiian Mood (2:01)
30. Change Of Command (3:29)
31. Medley From In Harm’s Way: Try Again, Moonburn (2:48)
32. One-Way Ticket (1:49)
33. First Victory (2:44)
Total Album Time: 35:57

*Previously Unreleased
**Includes Previously Unreleased Material