For the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future and coinciding with the date Marty McFly travels into the future to save his children, Intrada presents this reissue of Alan Silvestri’s stunning and spirited score that kicked off an adventure that spanned three films. Intrada premiered the score in 2009 with a 2-CD set, now out of print, featuring the score as it was heard in the film on disc one and an earlier, unused version of the score as a bonus on disc two. This new single-disc release features just the score as heard in the film, rebuilt from the ground up including new mastering and updated packaging to deliver a crisp, vibrant punch. Intrada worked from transfers of the original two-track elements housed at Universal Studios.


The 1985 Robert Zemeckis hit needs no introduction. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, the film is a flawless production about a teenager (Michael J. Fox) who inadvertently goes back in time 30 years and must help his parents fall in love in order to preserve his own future. The result is one of the most entertaining sci-fi adventures ever produced.  One of the many elements that contributed to Back to the Future’s success is Silvestri’s adventurous, exciting score.  Its impact has been so widely regarded that it has become part of a traveling repertoire of films being shown with live orchestra performing the score in concert halls around the world.  And while the score was an integral part of the film’s overall experience, it was relegated to only two tracks — a mere sampling — on the original soundtrack album released in 1985. The MCA Records release focused primarily on the songs from the film, including the Huey Lewis and the News hits “The Power of Love” and “Back in Time.”  But a few minutes of score was not quite enough, and for years, collectors of film music and fans of the movie pined for a release of the complete score. The 2009 Intrada release reconciled that and this new release keeps this important score in print. 

Original soundtrack by Alan Silvestri from wildly popular 1985 sci-fi action comedy, directed by Alan Zemeckis, starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover. Intrada previously released a special 2-CD version of the legendary soundtrack in 2009, with a second CD featuring early unused versions of Silvestri’s score. Due to the incredible popularity of that original release (which sold the maximum number of units allowable under license and is now out-of-print), Intrada is proud to offer, in cooperation with Universal Pictures, a follow-up release containing just the contents of the first disc in that set, which features the score as heard in the film. (Owners of the original 2-CD set need not apply.) The 1985 soundtrack on MCA emphasized the familiar songs and devoted just two tracks to Silvestri’s score. Intrada’s 2008 release was the actual premiere release of Silvestri’s invaluable contribution to this movie’s stunning success. In fact, the film and score remain so popular that Silvestri’s music can currently be heard live in concert, played by major symphony orchestras, synchronized to screenings of the film itself. Thrilling major-key main theme for massive orchestra has become a veritable signature of classic 80’s scoring. Pulsating action music is keynote throughout but impressive – and lengthy – “It’s Been Educational; Clocktower” sequence is an almost unparalleled example of dynamic action writing. There are moments of genuine tenderness, especially during several warm string ideas associated with the friendship between Doc and Marty, and even a couple of crisp jazz numbers, but no matter where things go, Silvestri’s riveting action theme is always close by. Universal is now enjoying a high profile celebration of the famous picture’s 30th anniversary. Intrada is proud to be a part of that celebration! Alan Silvestri conducts.

Label: Intrada 7144
Date: 1985
Time: 49:28
Tracks: 24
01. Logo (0:20)
02. DeLorean Reveal (0:46)
03. Einstein Disintegrated (1:22)
04. ’85 Twin Pines Mall (4:43)
05. Peabody Barn; Marty Ditches DeLorean (3:09)
06. ’55 Town Square (1:18)
07. Lorraine’s Bedroom (0:47)
08. Retrieve DeLorean (1:15)
09. 1.21 Jigowatts (1:37)
10. The Picture (1:09)
11. Picture Fades (0:17)
12. Skateboard Chase (1:39)

Premiere 2-CD release of expanded Alan Silvestri soundtrack for middle installment of incredibly popular Back To The Future trilogy. Joining Intrada’s reissue of Alan Silvestri’s Back to the Future score album comes the long-overdue expanded edition from Part II of the franchise, previously only available on a long out of print MCA album. The score, like the film, picks up where the previous film leaves off, but then quickly travels into darker territory reflecting the grim world of the alternate 1985.  Things are dire in that 1985 and the score emotionally takes the listener there.  It’s a brooding and more contemplative work, up until the included teaser for Part III, which introduces the rambunctious direction the film and score will go in the final installment.
Robert Zemeckis directs, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd continue their famous roles as Marty McFly and life-long friend Doc Emmett Brown. Second chapter is darkest, brings alternate universe into play. Taking place right after the first movie ends, Marty McFly flies to the future in an attempt to thwart the antics of his son.  Marty’s seemingly innocent purchase of a sports statistics almanac in 2015 to help give himself a better future goes awry when it falls into the hands of Biff, who goes back in time and secures his own better future — a dark and gloomy 1985 for everyone else.  In order to set things right, Marty must once again travel back to 1955 to intercept the almanac before Biff has a chance to use it.Supporting characters, particularly Biff (Thomas Wilson), Lorraine (Lea Thompson) get higher profile this time around. Sometimes grim events inspire Alan Silvestri to anchor with original Part I themes but now surround them with degree of thicker, more intense orchestral support. Jagged outbursts of brass, pounding percussion join the familiar action rhythms that accompany Silvestri’s rousing, major-key fanfare-theme. Generous 44-minutes of highlights appeared on 1989 MCA soundtrack album. New Intrada 2-CD release includes all of those sequences plus over fifty minutes of additional music including both new score selections and alternates, from original scoring session elements vaulted at Universal, all newly assembled by Mike Matessino, remastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering. As with the first Back To The Future (soundtrack available on Intrada INT 7144), this wildly popular second film from 1989 is currently enjoying attention as part of Universal’s 30th anniversary celebration of Part I first released in 1985.

Unlike the analog recording for the first film, Part II was recorded digitally on the now defunct Mitsubishi ProDigi format, but fortunately Warner Bros. Sound still had a machine that facilitated the new transfer.  The restoration was performed by the trusted hands of Mike Matessino, who assembled a 2-CD set of everything recorded.  The first disc runs 65 minutes and features the score as heard in the film.  The second disc of extras features alternates.

Intrada is proud to be part of that celebration! Mike Matessino, Tim Greiving offer booklet liner note insights, Joe Sikoryak designs colorful packaging to surround. Alan Silvestri composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD release available while quantities and interest remain!

Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 336
Date: 1989
Time: 1:40:47
Tracks: 37
CD 1 The Score
01. Back To Back/It’s Your Kids (2:38)
02. Main Title (Extended Version) (3:19)
03. The Future (5:23)
04. Chicken/Hoverboard Chase (3:12)
05. A Flying DeLorean? (4:29)
06. I’m In The Future/Biff Steals DeLorean (2:12)
07. Chicken Needles/Jenn Sees Jenn (2:55)
08. Biff’s World/27th Floor (2:08)
09. My Father (2:04)
10. “Alternate 1985” (3:04)
11. Gray’s Sports Almanac/If They Ever Did (4:26)
12. Something Inconspicuous (1:33)
13. You’ll Never Lose/Old New DeLorean (3:18)
14. Pair O’ Docs (1:26)
15. The Book (4:49)
16. Nobody/Tunnel Chase (5:45)
17. Burn The Book (2:24)
18. He’s Gone (0:41)
19. Western Union (1:52)
20. I’m Back/End Logo (0:59)
21. The West (0:57)
22. End Credits (4:38)
Total CD1 Time: 64:02
CD 2 The Extras
01. Back To Back (Alternate) (1:02)
02. Main Title (Alternate) (3:54)
03. The Future (Alternate) (5:23)
04. Hoverboard Chase (Alternate) (2:50)
05. A Flying DeLorean? (Alternate) (4:31)
06. Biff’s World (Alternate) (1:34)
07. If They Ever Did (Alternate Segment) (2:06)
08. You’ll Never Lose (Alternate) (2:52)
09. Western Union (Alternate #1) (2:04)
10. I’m Back (Alternate #1) (0:34)
11. Western Union (Alternate #2) (1:59)
12. I’m Back (Alternate #2) (0:25)
13. End Logo (Alternate) (0:17)
14. The West (Alternate) (1:17)
15. End Credits (Alternate) (4:38)
Total CD2 Time: 35:26

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