Co-written and directed by Lorenzo Bianchini, Across the River (Oltre il guado) is a moody, meditative Italian horror film where one man’s quest for knowledge leads down a dark path of supernatural chills and scares. The story revolves around an ethologist working in the remote parts of a forest, trapping wild animals and mounting cameras on them. The recordings by the animals lead him to a remote village, the supposed site of mysterious hauntings by the spirits of two sisters. When he gets trapped due to the floods from unusually heavy rainfall, our protagonist realizes that the ancient curse he heard about is not to be taken lightly.

The music for Across the River is courtesy of Italian composer and musician Stefano Sciascia. Sciascia started to study the double bass at the age of sixteen, then proceeded to be a featured soloist with a number of orchestras around the world. Thanks to his passion of researching and transcribing new pieces for double bass to enriching his instrument’s solo repertoire, Sciascia started to write his own music with a special focus on highlighting the beauty of double bass – Across the River marks his first transition to the world of cinema.

The soundtrack album for Across the River is a compilation of original music interspersed with pieces licensed from the composer’s previous albums. Seven compositions had previously appeared on Sciascia’s acclaimed concept album Lux ex Tenebris (2010), a Gothic sounding visual-aural-musical narration highlighting the versatility of double bass. Two pieces come from the composer’s earlier album Mantra 22.22 (2004) and there’s also an original composition which the composer wrote especially for the film. Haunting, moody and mysterious, Sciascia’s meditative compositions prove that licensed music can be as effective as original scoring as long as the music is utilized the right way.

SWR14011 • ACROSS THE RIVER (Music from the Motion Picture)
Music Composed by STEFANO SCIASCIA
Release date (digital): May 27, 2014


1 Across the River 2:47
2 Requiem 3;47
3 Mantra 22.22: Part II 3:34
4 Lux ex Tenebris 3:14
5 The Temple 6:35
6 Lacrimosa 8:14
7 Scotland the Brave 11:18
8 Mantra 22.22: Part III 4:40
9 Stabat Mater 7:22
10 Orior 9:22

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