Featuring Original Music By Brian Satterwhite

Lakeshore Records will release the SWITCH – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on December 2nd and on CD February 10, 2015. The album features original music by Brian Satterwhite (SUSHI: THE GLOBAL CATCH, MAN ON A MISSION)

“SWITCH documents the pros and cons of energy sources around the world so the director was very adamant about having characteristics of each energy source (i.e. water, wind, solar, coal, nuclear, etc.) be reflected in the individual pieces of music that accompany those topics. Since all of these sources result in the creation of electricity, I wanted that to be the glue which binds them all together,” said Satterwhite.

Every energy resource — fossil, nuclear and renewable — is undergoing profound changes. And overall, we’re gradually shifting from coal and oil to the energies of tomorrow. This sweeping transition is the subject of SWITCH. But rather than advocate for how it should happen, SWITCH travels the world to discover how it most likely will happen. SWITCH is also about a changing energy conversation. Today, it’s polarized and unproductive. SWITCH focuses on practical realities and encourages a balanced understanding. Finally, SWITCH is about changing the way we use energy, to realize the many economic and environmental benefits of efficiency.

“Since all of these energy sources are connected, so is the music. I didn’t take a ‘paint-by-numbers’ approach applying a characteristic sound to each idea. They’re all connected so they all share similar sounds,” Satterwhite described. “That was the biggest challenge – to create pieces of music that are characteristic enough to stand out as individual concepts, but also feel like they’re all intertwined…just like global energy.”

Brian Satterwhite, an internationally acclaimed award-winning film composer based in Austin, Texas. Now one of the most sought-after composers in the Lone Star State, Brian graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston earning a Bachelor of Music with dual majors in film scoring and composition. Among the honors he was awarded are the Scholarship Award for Excellence in Music Composition and the Robert Share Award in Film Scoring. Brian was further recognized as the lone representative of the Film Scoring department in the annual Student Writing Awards Concert.

Brian Statterwhite has amassed a collection of original scores for an impressive array of feature and short films including SUSHI: THE GLOBAL CATCH (2012), MAN ON A MISSION (2010), ARTOIS THE GOAT (2009), THE RETELLING (2009), COWBOY SMOKE (2008), THE CHILDREN’S  WAR (2008), MR. HELL (2006), MAKING THE MODERN (2003), NASCENDO NO BRASIL (2001), the IMAX™ feature RIDE AROUND THE WORLD (2006), THE MIDEWIFE’S HUSBAND (2012), THE GOOD SAMARITAN (2012), EULOGY MAKER (2010), SHOT (2008)

“[Writer/Director] Harry Lynch and I have worked together on five or six films over the last twelve years. He’s an extremely hands-on director and he and I collaborate very intimately on the music. From a filmic perspective, he always has a very clear understanding of what he’s looking for,” explained Satterwhite.

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