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ScreamWorks Records just released John DelVento’s music for the independent horror film LUCIFER’S ANGELS. The story follows three different groups of people as their paths will eventually cross in the Catskill Mountains of New York. We meet a group of four friends who go on their first camping trip together; a ghost hunter and his fiancé from investigating mysterious disappearances and a father/son team who live in the haunted woods. The bad reputation of the mountains is linked with four inmates at the King Lakes Psychiatric Hospital for the Criminally Insane whose horrible acts committed in 1978 still take a toll to this day… Lucifer’s Angels is directed, co-written, photographed and edited by Ricky McDonald.

LUCIFER’S ANGELS composer John DelVento took his musical training to The Hartt School of Music, Dance, and Theatre as a double music major, where his music composition career was born. After a brief stint as an urban music producer, DelVento started to get more involved with writing for agencies and music libraries, leading to placements with The Science Channel, Food Network, Nike, Toyota, Covergirl, Pepsi and Visa. His most recent release (apart from Lucifer’s Angels) is the Beltrami-esque Reaper, now available on iTunes. Apart from being a media composer, John is also one of the few soloists of the euphonium, a rare brass instrument that allowed him to appear as a soloist all over the world.

SWR14016 • LUCIFER’S ANGELS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOHN DELVENTO
Release date (digital): November 25, 2014

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1 Opening Sequence 1:54
2 Lucifer’s Angels 2:42
3 The Patients 2:40
4 Their Rules 2:08
5 A Ghost Story 1:12
6 I Made a Deal 1:20
7 The Beginning of the End 2:02
8 The Woods 2:18
9 Revenge 2:28
10 Why Is This Happening to Me? 3:47
11 The Barn 3:24
12 No Hope 3:18
13 Final Retribution 1:36
14 The Deal Was Done 1:06
15 Earl and the Angels (feat. Emilee Carralta)  2:02