Score curated and composed by Fatboy Slim 
Julien Temple’s  documentary delivers a breath taking immersive audio visual experience that tells the extraordinary  story of dance music’s most influential, charismatic and spiritual island filled with an explosion of music, imagery, re-enactments and remarkable archive clips accompanied by an eclectic score curated and composed by Fatboy Slim.
With a continuous music soundtrack drawn from an eclectic mix of classic dance anthems with unexpected material from a wide variety of music and eras IBIZA – THE SILENT MOVIE provides the definitive story of this jewel of the Mediterranean. It is a story of peace, sensuality, spirituality, ancient ways of life and new ways of living interwoven with tales of brutal occupation, a spirit of tolerance and acceptance of others alongside the lives of the many colourful character irresistibly drawn to Ibiza and the fight for the very soul of the Island.
Emily Appleton Holley and Ciara Elwis were the music supervisors on Julien Temple’s latest feature ‘Ibiza: The Silent Movie’, which premieres across selected UK cinemas on Wednesday 26th, with a special screening at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.
A non-stop musical time traveling trip through the history of dance music’s most influential, charismatic and spiritual island in the Mediterranean. Coined as ‘the loudest silent movie’ ever, the film is a totally immersive audiovisual experience and drills into the soul of this extraordinary, magical Island, releasing the story of 3000 years of Ibizan history accompanied by a continuous soundtrack curated by Fatboy Slim, music director on the project.
“Connecting the past through music of the past and archive, the collision of things that are not necessarily meant to be together is a very fresh way of entering the past of a place and explaining its relevance to the present.” – Julien Temple