Music Composed by SIMON KÖLLE
Additional Music by PER RUNBERG

MovieScore Media stays true to its Scandinavian roots by releasing Simon Kölle’s folk-inspired action score for The Huntress. Featuring Swedish multi-instrumentalist Per Runberg and vocalist Mohlavyr, Kölle’s score conjures images of Viking raids and Nordic mysticism. Directed by Rasmus Tirzitis, The Huntress: Rune of the Dead takes place in the midst of the Viking raids of the 9th century. When heroine Runa (Moa Enqvist Stefansdotter) has to take over caring from her family from her father, she feels that new challenges are awaiting them. When she nurses a wounded warrior back to health, she not only learns news about her missing father, but also about an impending danger on her community. The music was selected as the Best Original Score Score at the Queen Palm International Film Festival.

“To compose the score for a Viking movie was something new to me in one sense but not in another as I have a background in composing for fantasy games and albums,” says Simon Kölle about the project. “Rasmus Tirzitis did not use any temp music as he truly wanted to give me free reins to, with music, tell a story and to portray the right mood of the movie. I worked with a Swedish “Riksspelman” (a recognized badge of mastery among Swedish folk musicians), Per Runberg who play the Bowed Harp, Flutes, Fiddle, Hardingfele, Mouth Harps and a fantastic solo on Cows Horn. He’s an expert on music during the period and I wanted the folk music to be a part of the score but not taking over. Among the other musicians I worked with wonderful singer Mohlavyr. On this score I could literally aim high, so to speak.”

Swedish award winning composer Simon Kölle was born in 1977 in Stockholm. He  has composed composed music for several high-profile documentaries and computer games such as award winning Conduct This!. Simon’s been tributed by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Oliver Stone, John Malkovich, Steven Seagal and won more than 20 international awards. His more recent credits include the second season of the 8-episode Swedish series Blake Lake which been sold to more than 100 countries, the Steven Seagal action thriller The Perfect Weapon and a unique collaboration with Swedish musician Moneybrother. Simon has several projects upcoming and among them the major feature film Vitt Skräp (White Trash) which star the Swedish actor Ola Rapace. His score for Ave Mater has been released by MovieScore Media.

Release date (digital): October 18, 2019


1 The Huntress Beginning 3:11
2 Torulf’s Theme 3:29
3 Runa’s Nightmare 2:22
4 The Viking Family 3:54
5 Something Vile Approaches 7:30
6 The Huntress and the Warrior 1:11
7 The Story of the Viking Raid 4:40
8 Not As Before 1:57
9 The Return 4:05
10 Marketplace 2:27
11 Mother and Daughter 2:51
12 Blot 1:33
13 Alone and Blind 1:57
14 Dark Woods 2:36
15 Wayfaring Stranger (The Dream) 1:55
16 The Aptrganga Arrives 4:07
17 Surrounded by Draugar 3:14
18 The Sound of Valhalla 1:57
19 The Chase 4:12
20 Eliminated 2:07
21 All Is Lost 3:17
22 Finale 2:44
23 Viverjar / The Huntress Ending 2:23