Music Composed by SCOTT GLASGOW

Coinciding with the film’s limited release on May 13, Scott Glasgow’s religiously inspired music for The Curse of Sleeping Beauty is released by MovieScore Media. Directed by Pearry Teo, the film is a dark re-imagining of the classic Brothers Grimm story. Thomas Kaiser (Ethan Peck) inherits a mansion that has been in his family for generations, only to learn that he has also inherited an ancient curse dating from the age of the crusades. Forced into his new role as “protector”, the guardian appointed to keep the evil demons in the house at bay, Thomas must unravel the mystery of the house, while struggling to awake the beautiful Sleeping Beauty (India Eisley).

“The gothic fantasy/horror film has music that is exotic/otherworldly combined with gothic horror orchestral gestures” explains the composer. ”There is a blend of religiousness using choir singing Latin adaptations of liturgical text transformed to fit the film subject which is combined with exotic instruments such as the Tibetan “kangling” (bone trumpet) and Aztec “death flute”. There is also the traditional orchestra and sorrowful cello solos that balance the two worlds of the film.”

In an unusual collaboration with MovieScore Media’s producer Mikael Carlsson, Scott Glasgow was able to utilize the voices of Swedish choir Johannebergs Vokalensemble for the recording of the score. Also, for the film’s surreal film sequences, Carlsson himself provided the countertenor solos. The CD release of the score contains extensive liner notes by the composer, including the text for the Latin chants.

Composer Scott Glasgow graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in composition and earned his ­Bachelors of Music degree from Cal State Northridge in composition as well. Following his breakout work on the revitalized anime classicRobotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006), Glasgow’s scores released by MovieScore Media include the urban thriller Chasing Ghosts (2005), the brilliant homage-laden score for the horror comedy Hack! (2007), the neo noirish thriller Toxic (2009) and Lo(2009), a macabre ensemble piece about love which was nominated ‘Best Score for a Comedy’ by the International Film Music Critics Association. His most recent release with the label was the thriller Poker Night (2015).

MMS16008 • 
Release date (digital): May 13, 2016
Release date (CD): May 27, 2016

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1. Somnium I (2:59)
2. The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (2:30)
3. The Chamber (4:35)
4. Thomas’ World (1:57)
5. Linda (2:26)
6. Somnium II (3:36)
7. Mysterious Inheritance (3:46)
8. Exploring the Basement (2:31)
9. Moon Cypher (1:39)
10. Kaiser Garden Research (2:42)
11. Somnium III (2:15)
12. Mannequins (3:41)
13. The Jinn (1:49)
14. Billing’s End (2:55)
15. Connections (4:26)
16. Somnium IV (3:16)
17. Gateway to Darkness (2:06)
18. Descent into Hell (3:50)
19. Confront the Demon (1:53)
20. The Awakening (2:17)
21. Dies Irae (1:40)
22. Thomas’ Theme (1:52)