Released in December 2013, the romantic comedy Take Me Out (Papita, Maní, Tostón) became the most watched film in the history of Venezuelan cinema, and it’s still on its way to break all box office records in this country, currently held by James Cameron’s Titanic.

Written and directed by Luis Carlos Hueck, Take Me Out is a spirited love story between Andrés (Jean Pierre Agostini) and Julissa (Juliette Pardau), both of whom are passionate fans of baseball. Unfortunately their happiness can’t be complete: Andrés roots for Los Leones del Caracas, while Julissa is not only an ardent supporter of Los Navegantes del Magallanes, but is also the team manager’s daughter. When Andrés mistakenly gets tickets to see a game in the Magallanes VIP Zone, he gets enchanted by Julissa, but the rivalry between their teams may lead them down the road of Romeo and Juliet.

The music for Take Me Out is provided by Los Angeles-based Venezuelan composer Elik Álvarez, a dynamic artist with roots in classical, rock and Latin inspired rhythms.  Recorded by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, the score ranges from elegant strings writing to contemporary pop-rock sounds lead by processed guitars and synthesizers; it also carries a good amount of Latin influenced rhythms that perfectly set the tone of the Venezuelan culture. The music mainly underlines the love story and drama that occurs between the main characters (including separate character themes for Andrés and Julissa Julissa) rather than the constant comedy present in the film.

MMS14023 • TAKE ME OUT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ELIK ÁLVAREZ
Release date (digital): May 13, 2014


1 This Is Venezuela 2:19
2 Julissa 1:03
3 Love Between Rivals 1:54
4 Camacho Magallanero 1:54
5 Andrés 1:07
6 Jersey Swaps 1:58
7 Chipi-Chipi Soup 0:27
9 An Interrupted Kiss 2:12
10 Don’t Get Confused 1:19
11 It Became Special 0:52
12 Complications 1:05
13 Breaking Up 2:26
14 Reviving 5:14
15 A Dream Comes True 1:39
16 Our Stadium 4:46

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