Kronos Records is immensely proud to present the CD soundtrack for Fabrizio Costa’s MICHELE STROGOFF – IL CORRIERE DELLO ZAR, an Italo-German coproduction from 1999 and based on one of Jules Verne’s most beautiful novels, deemed by many, possibly his best.  The film starred Paolo Seganti in the role of Michele Strogoff, Léa Bosco as Nadja and Hardy Krüger Jr. in the role of Iwan Ogareff
The music of MICHELE STROGOFF – IL CORRIERE DELLO ZAR is composed by none less than MONSIGNOR MARCO FRISINA (composer of many epic masterpeices, among which CHRISTUS). The musical score for this production is every bit as adventurous, exciting, fast paced and dramatic as the storyline itself. The soundtrack being filled to overflowing with haunting melodies, fearsome action cues and brimming with affecting leitmotifs that accompany and introduce the main characters within the story. Marco Frisina’s score is an epic sounding work, which is grandiose and robust but at the same time has the ability to become intimate and melancholy possessing a fragility that is attractive, emotive and powerful, providing the production with a lush and imposing soundtrack that at certain points within the proceedings evokes the Style and the atmosphere of the vintage movie soundtracks of Hollywood.
The CD is strictly limited to 300 Copies
Release date (CD): 28 July 2016
2. Assalto Tartaro
4. Ogaref
6. Canto Tzigano
7. Jules
8. Nel Cuore Di Michele
9. Duello
10. L’Esecuzione Di Jules
11. Accecamento Di Strogoff
12. Coraggio Di Nadia
14. Morte Della Moglie Di Strogoff
15. Sul Treno
16. Tu Ami Il Corriere Dello Zar
17. Il Monastero Distrutto