Kronos Records is proud to present the CD soundtrack for hit TV series KATTENOOG. Kattenoog is a little village or so we think initially, which sits on the edge of a mysterious lake. scored by Belgian talented composer Joris Hermy.
The score is filled with a musical atmosphere and sound that is thrilling and heroic plus there is a menacing air of apprehension and tension which is perfect for the various scenarios and characters within the series. KATTENOOG is more of a mystery or sci-fi/horror experience and this too is reflected within the strong musical score, as it can be uneasy and anxious, then at other points becomes contemporary, melancholy and even upbeat with an edgy but melodic style.
Quoting a segment from the director Douglas Boswell’s note, “For a series like this you need a crew you can rely on and for the music I couldn’t be happier than with Joris Hermy, a young composer with whom I’ve been wanting to work for years.”
Limited Edition Of 300 Copies.
Release date (CD): 31st MAY 2016
1. Kattenoog Opening Titles
  2. The Magical Stone
  3. Previously
  6. Commando Mission
  7. Sol’s Mystical Tales
  9. Eli the Modern Zombiekiller
10. Burning Witches
11. Special Gift
12. Evil Reflections
14. Operation Zombie
15. Booh TV
16. Friends Forever
17. Finding Sol
18. Ilse’s Rescue
19. Because I’m your father
20. Together Strong
21. The Secret Tomb
22. Archibald & Max
24. Five Seconds & Bob’s Pancakes
25. Marieke
26. Preparing the Assault
27. Hidden Arsenal
28. Journey to the Island
29. Daphne’s Resurrection
30. Final Confrontation
31. Please Wake Up
32. The New Order
33. End Titles