Sometimes music becomes a new character, other times an atmosphere or a sense of time or structure, or a tempo, an emotion map etc, to simplify in a shallow way”–  Federico Jusid
Kronos Records is proud to present the CD soundtrack for Christian Molina’s I WANT TO BE A SOLDIER from 2010. It is our first CD with rising star composer FEDERICO JUSID, who we greet to our list of prestigious artists already released by KRONOS RECORDS.
I WANT TO BE A SOLDIER was the fourth feature film directed by film maker Christian Molina, the film tells the story of eight year old Alex, who seems to become almost obsessed by violent images, he begins to develop communication difficulties with his parents at first after his Mother gives birth to two babies, at first he seems happy to assume the role of the older brother, but soon his outlook changes and he also becomes increasingly detached from the other children who attend his school, he basically hounds his Mother and Father into getting him a Television for his room and then shuts himself away watching violent programmes and becoming more and more caught up with the scenes of violence from all over the world that he is able to see.
He then begins to become increasingly secretive and closes in upon himself and develops a friendship with two imaginary characters one an astronaut the other a cruel sergeant called John Cluster who advises Alex on how he can be a better soldier. The quiet eight year old who dreamed of becoming an astronaut one day has changed into someone who wants to be a soldier and go and fight  and destroy the enemies of his country.  Federico Jusid’s score underlines perfectly the changes that Alex is going through, it supports, punctuates and enhances wonderfully the storyline without being overpowering and gives the film and its storyline soul and a greater emotional depth.
Limited Edition Of 300 Copies.
Release date (CD): 31st MAY 2016
2. New Arrivals
3. Eat Your Vegetables
4. In The Tent – I Want A TV – Mission Accomplished
6. The Argument – John Cluster
8. Happy Returns
9. Harry Vs Cluster
10. Writing With Harry
11. John Cluster Is Back