A 2-disc Collection of the Music From The Beloved JESSE STONE TV Series
Featuring Original Music Composed By Jeff Beal
Varèse Sarabande will release the JESSE STONE: The Ultimate Collection digitally and on CD August 5, 2016. The two-disc collection features music from all nine JESSE STONE films composed by Jeff Beal (HOUSE OF CARDS, MONK).  
“I love telling stories in music, bringing a character to life with sound,” said Beal.  “I’m so incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to create music for the nine JESSE STONE films represented on this collection.”
Created by acclaimed crime fiction writer Robert B. Parker, Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) is a former LAPD detective with a drinking problem who starts a new career as a police chief in the fictional seaside town of Paradise, Massachusetts. Between 1997 and 2010, Parker authored nine novels featuring Jesse Stone, which have been adapted into nine made-for-TV films.
“From the very beginning, Robert [Harmon, Director], Tom [Selleck] and Michael [Brandman, Executive Producer] shared with me this idea that the character and life of Jesse are what these films are about; our score should emanate from Jesse’s emotional world and space, and the crime drama is subservient to that,” Beal explained. “It seemed very odd at first for me, but once I got into the rhythm of what they were doing, I’ve enjoyed some of the most rewarding moments working as a film composer.”
A lauded Emmy® award-winning composer, Jeff Beal is a member of a new generation of passionate and talented composers. A graduate of the Eastman School of Music, Beal received his first national attention while in college as the recipient of an unprecedented 11 “db” awards from Downbeat Magazine for his recordings as a jazz trumpeter, composer, and arranger.
As a film composer, Beal has collaborated with Ed Harris’ on his critically acclaimed directorial debut, POLLOCK, as well as APPALOOSA. Other TV and film scores include director Bob Rafelson’s NO GOOD DEED, William H. Macy’s acclaimed DOOR TO DOOR, the 2015 CBS mini-series THE DOVEKEEPERS, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON (episode 9), the theme and underscore for USA’s hit series, MONK, and ABC’s UGLY BETTY. Beal’s documentary scoring credits include the critically acclaimed films BLACKFISH and TIBET: CRY OF THE SNOW LION, which chronicles the history and religious life of Tibet. He has collaborated on several projects with Academy® Award winning director Jessica Yu including her feature length documentary, IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL, as well as LAST CALL AT THE OASIS and THE GUIDE. Other documentary films Beal has scored include THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES, THE BATTLE OF AMFAR, WHEN I WALK, and the 2016 Sundance U.S. Grand Jury Prize-Winner WEINER. Beal has received four Primetime Emmy® Awards for music including NBC Sports division’s documentary, the Ridley Scott produced documentary THE COMPANY, as well as MONK. Beal scored the third and final season of HBO’s Emmy winning series THE NEWSROOM as well as the fourth season of Netflix’s Emmy winning original series HOUSE OF CARDS. Playing both the trumpet and the piano on the show’s main title theme, Beal sets the tone for the central themes of power, greed and manipulation.
“One of my favorite and most consistent comments I’ve received from fans, is the way the music has a calming, peaceful, and contemplative effect,” Beal stated. “Perhaps we all need a little ‘Jesse’ time in our life.  A simple cabin by the sea, a loyal dog at our side, and a nice drink.  This release is for our fans, long over due, and I hope you will enjoy it for many, many, years to come.”
Varèse Sarabande will release Jesse Stone: The Ultimate Collection digitally and on CD on August 5, 2016.
TRACKLIST of the 2-CD set
Disc 1:

1. Paradise (Jesse’s Theme) (3:47)
2. Jesse Walks Home (1:56)
3. Candace (1:45)
4. No Remorse (3:34)
5. There’s Something Else (3:28)
6. Sea Change (2:36)
7. Saying Goodbye to Boomer (3:03)
8. Suitcase Simpson (0:51)
9. Being Followed (2:04)
10. Death in Paradise (1:41)
11. Are You Tough? (1:04)
12. Life Beyond Work (2:08)
13. Above My Pay Grade (2:20)
14. Jesse’s Nightmare (1:04)
15. Billy’s Room (1:38)
16. Making Evidence Fit (1:30)
17. The Lincolns (2:14)
18. The Next Murder (1:40)
19. She Was Pregnant (1:51)
20. Jealousy’s A Powerful Thing (3:24)
21. What Are You Doing Here (0:59)
22. Emily Bishop (1:34)
23. Put You Away (5:46)
24. Gonna Clean House (1:39)
25. How Long Have You Known? (4:18)
26. Going Home Again (2:56)

Disc 2:

1. Check Your Messages (2:44)
2. Carefully Applied Pressure (2:51)
3. What Have I Done (1:05)
4. Have Dinner With Me (1:52)
5. Billie’s Ghost (2:04)
6. Did I Miss Your Call (1:17)
7. Give Me The Badge (2:29)
8. He Was a Cop (1:52)
9. The Interview Is Over (1:39)
10. Voices (3:11)
11. I Could Have Found Her (4:23)
12. Not Going To Make It (1:51)
13. Benefit of the Doubt (4:38)
14. Send Me Everything (2:04)
15. Boat Shootout (8:56)
16. Lost My Conscience (2:33)
17. Jenny’s Theme (1:12)
18. Steve the Dog (2:00)
19. Check Your Premises (0:55)
20. His Master’s Voice (4:02)
21. Justice For Your Friend (1:42)
22. Don’t Make Me Start Over (1:27)
23. Gino Fish (4:02)
24. Innocence Lost (3:33)
25. Hope (2:07)