Featuring Original Music By Iain Kelso

Composer Iain Kelso (BILLY OWENS AND THE SECRET OF THE RUNES, BLIND EYE) is proud to announce the CD release of the critically acclaimed, original motion picture soundtrack to JACOB through Howlin’ Wolf Records.

Containing elements of the supernatural, JACOB is the story of lonely and disturbed Jacob Kell, who loved his little sister more than anything on earth.  When tragedy befalls the Kell family, Jacob retaliates the only way he knows how – and anyone who crosses his path will know there is no limit to his brutal revenge.  JACOB was written and directed by Larry Wade Carrell, and features performances by Michael Biehn (THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS), Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (DARK ANGEL, PARTY OF FIVE), and James Hampton (SLING BLADE, TEEN WOLF).

The music score for JACOB is a richly thematic and emotional work.  It was recorded with a chamber ensemble and centres on the solo performances of viola (Sergio Trujillo) and French horn (Marc Papeghin).  For his work on JACOB, Kelso received the award for Best Music at the 2012 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and a nomination for Best Music Soundtrack at the 2013 Macabre Faire Film Festival.

Born in Thunder Bay, Canada in 1975, composer and orchestrator Kelso was an early student of strings, winds, and piano.  His orchestral works were first premiered when he was in his teens.  He is an alumnus of the ASCAP Television & Film Scoring Workshop in Los Angeles and has previously scored the popular Canadian children’s movie THE MYSTICAL ADVENTURES OF BILLY OWENS (2008) and its sequel BILLY OWENS AND THE SECRET OF THE RUNES (2010).

“JACOB is a theme and variations work”, described Kelso, “simple ostinatos and motifs that appear early in the score coalesce and develop to form powerful themes as the tragedy unfolds.”

“He went above and beyond my expectations”, said director Larry Wade Carrell. “He delivered this dark, ominous, haunting, but touching score that’s the perfect companion piece to this movie.  JACOB wouldn’t be what it is without his score.”

The original motion picture soundtrack for JACOB is currently available on CD from Howlin’ Wolf Records


1. Illi Audiebant Libro 5:40
2. Prologue & Main Title 2:21
3. Cycling to MacLeod House 5:09
4. Otis Attacks 1:47
5. And Edith Defends Him 2:57
6. Edith Remebers the Inheritance 1:18
7. Voices 1:09
8. A Bad Feeling 1:04
9. Red Handed 1:35
10. Warning About Jacob 0:31
11. Edith Remembers the Renovations 4:19
12. Told What He Can and Cannot Do 0:27
13. Otis Broils 2:02
14. The Last Tea Party 1:11
15. Otis Snaps 2:32
16. Into Pieces 2:26
17. Discovered by Edith 0:42
18. It’s Jacob 0:55
19. The Death of Lawrence Kell 6:14
20. Billy Gets the News 4:29
21. Off to a Good Start 3:00
22. Headed to the Cemetary 2:40
23. The Other Sissy 3:08
24. Jacob’s Last Stand 5:40
25. Epilogue 1:39
26. End Title 0:56
27. Transfiguration 2:18