Varèse Sarabande Records will release the HOUSE OF CARDS: SEASON 2 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as a 2 disc set digitally and on CD June 17th. The soundtrack features original score composed by Jeff Beal (MONK, BLACKFISH).

Award-winning composer Jeff Beal scores HOUSE OF CARDS, the Emmy® and Golden Globe®-winning original series, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. The show debuted in February of 2013 as Netflix’s first original series, unprecedentedly releasing all 13 episodes of Season One at the same time, generating worldwide attention for the bold new approach to the television model.  The second season debuted in February of this year, and it was picked up for a third season

HOUSE OF CARDS follows House Majority Whip Frank Underwood (Spacey), a bombastic, power-hungry politician from South Carolina set on conquering Washington D.C. alongside his wife, Claire (Wright). When the President decides to pass over Frank for a presumed appointment to Secretary of State, Underwood takes matters into his own hands by using Congress, the media, and corporate boosters as pawns in exacting revenge on those who betrayed him.

“The direction I was inspired to follow from watching the show, was to approach the project cinematically as opposed to traditional serialized television.” explained Beal. Playing both the trumpet and the piano on the show’s main title, Beal puts to sound the central themes of power, greed and manipulation.

A lauded Emmy award winning composer, Jeff Beal is a member of a new generation of passionate and talented composers.  In film, Beal has scored Ed Harris’ critically acclaimed directorial debut, POLLOCK, as well as his film, APPALOOSA Bob Rafelson’s NO GOOD DEED, William H. Macy’s acclaimed DOOR TO DOOR, and THE PASSION OF AYN RAND. Beal’s work on television includes, but is not limited to, the theme and underscore for USA’s MONK, ABC’s UGLY BETTY, and FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON (Episode 9).  Beal has also scored several critically acclaimed documentaries, including IN THE REALMS OF THE UNREAL, LAST CALL AT THE OASIS, THE GUIDE, THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES, BLACKFISH, THE BATTLE OF AMFAR, WHEN I WALK, and TIBET: CRY OF THE SNOW LIONS. He has also received several Emmy Awards® for music including PEGGY AND DOROTHY and MONK.

NETFLIX presents HOUSE OF CARDS, Seasons 1 and 2, currently available for viewing to their subscribers.  THE HOUSE OF CARDS: SEASON 2 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Varèse Sarabande Records, will be available digitally and on CD June 17, 2014.


CD 1
1. Next In Line (1:46)
2. House Of Cards Main Title Season Two (3:19)
3. The Ring (2:52)
4. Freddie’s World (3:00)
5. Two Minutes (1:15)
6. Grief Demands An Answer (3:40)
7. Rock Creek (2:14)
8. Our Fortress (3:06)
9. Rachel On The Bus (2:52)
10. Toxic President (3:10)
11. She Fell (6:25)
12. Heronymous (3:15)
13. Two More Votes (1:35)
14. A Gift From Feng (4:29)
15. Claire’s Secret (2:02)
16. Pretty Polly (2:28)
17. Easy As Pie (1:48)
18. Heat Wave (2:51)
19. I Hate Lying (2:52)
20. Lucas Cornered (2:13)
21. Covert Plans (1:44)
22. Rachel And Jacob (2:41)
23. Put It To Bed (1:37)
24. Your Respect (3:33)

CD 2
1. Married To The V.P. (1:32)
2. Moments Of Escape (3:17)
3. Tusk Drops A Bomb (5:19)
4. Same Mistake Twice (2:57)
5. To Be A King (6:20)
6. Read To Me (2:52)
7. Jackie Crosses Claire (2:32)
8. Tusk Turns (3:04)
9. One Degree Of Separation (4:05)
10. What I Want (2:28)
11. Articles Of Impeachment (2:35)
12. Mr. President (8:01)
13. Distance Myself (4:11)