Features music from composer Bryan Lee Brown 

Memory Bulldozer Records released the Original Score Music from the Original Series from the HBO hit series FOO FIGHTERS: SONIC HIGHWAYS digitally on June 16, 2015.

In every great documentary is a great underscore – supporting the story, helping with the pacing and hitting the emotional elements needed. In FOO FIGHTERS: SONIC HIGHWAYS, Bryan Lee Brown’s beautiful interstitial passages helped to guide the viewer, connecting the scenes of the epic journey Foo Fighters undertook while recording their latest album.

Capturing the character of each of the eight cities in which the SONIC HIGHWAYS album and series were created, the soundtrack features cues for ‘Seattle’, ‘Nashville’, ‘New Orleans’ and more.  Each place is known for its unique sound and character and Bryan Lee Brown’s compositions express the individual moods of these great American cities. With its dark ambient sensibilities, the original score reflects Bryan’s artistic work under the handle Dark Brown.

“Scoring ‘Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways’ was a unique and challenging experience,” comments Bryan Lee Brown. “Inspired by America’s diverse culture, I tried to capture the essence of each city while also maintaining a cohesive sound throughout the series. Helping the director, Dave Grohl, tell the stories of some of America’s greatest musicians was a huge responsibility as much as it was an honor. I’m totally grateful to have been a part of it.”


About Foo Fighters Sonic Highways:
Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways is an unprecedented eight-part documentary series that digs deep into the heart and soul of America’s musical identity. Directed by Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl, each episode delves into the identity of each city – showing how each region shaped these musicians in their formative years and, in turn, how they impacted the cultural fabric of their hometowns. Every artist who appears in the show, regardless of genre or locale, started as an average kid with universal dreams of making music and making it big.

Originally premiering on HBO October 17, 2014, Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways has gone on to win this year’s Cinema Audio Society Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for Television Non Fiction, Variety or Music – Series or Specials (for the Los Angeles episode), as well as the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Award for Best Sound and Music Editing: Television Documentary, Long Form (for the Seattle episode).


01. My Experience
02. Another Spirit
03. Accord
04. You and I
05. Sea Flower
06. Lunar Vision
07. Many Branches
08. North Of Rome
09. Far Away
10. Young Love
11. Believer
12. Dream
13. Anxious Spirit
14. Shoots
15. Thaw 16. Yucca
17. Offerings
18.  Hollywood Transistor
19. Eye Of The Hurricane
20. Passing Through
21. Those Who Go Before Us
22. Thoughts Of Nashville
23. Now
24. Destroy It
25. Moon Over Rancho
26. Surrounded By Friends
27. The Colors
28. Vespertine
29. Rivers Run Together
30. Elapse