MovieScore Media teams up with Elia Cmiral (Ronin, StigmataApartment Zero, Atlas Shrugged) to revisit some of the composer’s favorite, most beloved scores in intriguing new arrangements that highlight previously unheard details of the cues. The Chamber Suites feature four films from Cmiral’s oeuvre, including his first ever film score Apartment Zero, his legendary contributions for John Frankenheimer’s Ronin, excerpts from the World War II dramaHabermann and selections from his most recent franchise success,Atlas Shrugged. Performed by a chamber trio of piano, violin and cello, these suites are also available to be licensed for live performance through Soundtracks Live.

In his liner notes, Elia Cmiral recalls the inspiration for the project: “Two years ago one of my scheduled scoring project was pushed back and I had a few months unexpectedly open. Seeing me in this restless mindset, a friend of mine suggested to transcribe some of my scores for a chamber ensemble. I have never written a true chamber music so I thought this would be a great idea and a cool challenge. I choose four stylistically very different scores and truly enjoyed the challenge of writing for the piano trio.” The Chamber Suites are performed by top Los Angeles studio musicians: violinist Mark Robertson, cellist Vanessa Freebairn-Smith and pianist Robert Thies.

Composer Elia Cmiral was born in Czechoslovakia and after a stop in Sweden, he moved to the United States in 1994 where he’d been cultivating a prolific career in film scoring. Arguably his most famous work was done for John Frankenheimer’s Ronin (1997) which was notable for introducing the duduk (an Armenian woodwind instrument) to the world of film scoring. Though he had done a great number of horror films such as Stigmata (1999),Wrong Turn (2003) Splinter (2008) and the Pulse trilogy (2006/08), Cmiral’s more recent credits include a great variety of genres, including the war drama Habermann (2010) the adaptation of Ayn Rand’s trilogy Atlas Shrugged (2011/14).

Release date (digital): June 24, 2016
Release date (CD): July 1, 2016

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1 Ronin Suite I. Faith of a Ronin 4:46
2 Ronin Suite II. Crossfire 2:08
3 Ronin Suite III.Good to Know You 2:53

4 Apartment Zero Suite I. Streets of Buenos Aires 1:59
5 Apartment Zero Suite II. No Regrets 4:19

6 Habermann Suite I. Exodus 3:53
7 Habermann Suite II. Be Safe, My Friend 2:24
8 Habermann Suite III. Execution Day 1:33
9 Habermann Suite IV. Farewell 1:53

10 Atlas Shrugged Part One Suite I. Colorado 2:10
11 Atlas Shrugged Part One Suite II. Hope 3:24
12 Atlas Shrugged Part One Suite III. Celebrazione 1:45
13 Atlas Shrugged Part One Suite IV. In Love with Dagny 3:07
14 Atlas Shrugged Part One Suite V. Victory 3:12