Featuring Original Music Composed by Alex Somers

Lakeshore Records will release CAPTAIN FANTASTIC – Original Motion Picture Score both digitally and on CD July 8, 2016, and on LP via a partnership with Invada Records also on July 8. CAPTAIN FANTASTIC will be released in theaters by Bleecker Street on July 8, 2016.

The CAPTAIN FANTASTIC score album features all new compositions by American composer, musician and producer Alex Somers, who first rose to prominence in 2009 via his highly acclaimed ambient album collaboration Riceboy Sleeps, with his partner Jónsi, under the name Jónsi and Alex. Somers has since gone on to tour with Jónsi and produce his debut album “Go”, with further production work for Julianna Barwick, Sin Fang, and the last two Sigur Rós records, “Valtari” and “Kveikur”, as well as scoring the first season of WGN’s atomic bomb drama “Manh(a)ttan”.

CAPTAIN FANTASTIC tracks the story of a father (Viggo Mortensen) raising six children deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest with a rigorous physical and intellectual education. When a family tragedy occurs however, he is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, beginning a journey that challenges his idea of what it means to be a parent.

The film, written and directed by Matt Ross, debuted to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival this year, with the Guardian calling it “heartfelt, comedic, gorgeous” and Variety saying that “Viggo Mortensen gets the role he may well have been born to play” with Ben, a wildly unconventional type of patriarch.

Appropriately, the album beautifully mirrors the story’s strange, otherworldly settings, with Somers creating a score that is at once delicate yet haunting, fragile and moving, with tracks such as “Remembering” and “Water (I’m Right Here”) conjuring up a gorgeously ethereal atmosphere. The CAPTAIN FANTASTIC original score album will be released July 8th on CD/digital download by Lakeshore Records and on LP by Invada Records/Lakeshore Records.


1.    A New Beginning
2.    Church
3.    Campfire
4.    Funeral Pyre
5.    She Slit Her Wrists
6.    Memories
7.    Fireflies
8.    Home
9.    Fell
10.  Dream
11.  Near Death
12.  Water (I’m Right Here)
13.  School Bus
14.  Forrest
15.  Look Forward To
16.  Keepsakes
17.  Remembering
18.  Unsoundness
19.  Waving Goodbye
20.  Day Of Your Birth
21.  Water (Not Go Home)
22.  Goodbye…
23.  Disappear
24.  Fortress