5th Silent Film Festival
Tribute to the Great Directors of Silent Film II – Part 2
with live musical accompaniment
in cooperation with STUDIO-Parallilo Kykloma
and its president, Christos Papadimitriou
Artistic Direction for musical accompaniment: Alexandros Mouzas
at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Yet again, the great directors of silent film get to have their… ‘say’. Their films though without voice, speak through art which, like a revolution, was born in the 20th century. These amazing creators were enchanted by the arrival of innovation in their times … pioneers of cinema and film who experimented with the boundaries of its technical nature… initiators in its evolution from practice to art. Enlightened minds to whom we were introduced via darkened cinemas… the people who gave today’s cinema its artistic essence.


Kinetophone’s editor in chief Eleni Mitsiaki is presenting on Monday, July 14th

her music editing on Carl Theodore Dreyer’s masterpiece

 “Leaves from Satan’s book” (1920)

For the 5th consecutive year, from Monday 7th to Wednesday 16th July, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation is organizing theSilent Film Festival accompanied by live music with free entryand presenting the second part of the tribute to the great directors of silent film. As every year, the 5th Silent Film Festival has been organized in cooperation with the STUDIO-Parallilo Kykloma and its president, Christos Papadimitriou, as well as with the Film Scoring workshop under the artistic direction for musical accompaniment of Alexandros Mouzas, coordinating professor.

For yet another year, the Silent Film Festival provides the common ground for the history of the seventh art to be brought into the present. In the cinema hall of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, once again, Michael Cacoyannis’ love for the origins of the art he served with such passion and the artistic value of these silent masterpieces are met by hundreds of cinephile.

Nine evenings in July and 12 great directors, amongst them;Charlie Chaplin, Carl Theodore Dreyer, Georg Wilhelm Pabst, Alexander Dovzhenko and Rex Ingram, provide an occasion for the audiences of the Festival – maybe for the first time, maybe not – sometimes with nostalgia and sometimes with pleasant surprise,  to view 21 films which, as forerunners, made motion picture the most widespread art form of today.

At the same time a new approach will be applied to the works of these great artists via on-stage, live musical accompaniment by composers and musicians of the new generation who find yet another area for expression and an opportunity to showcase their own work. The unique style of expression of each composer, articulated in direct reference to the cinematic language of each director, reinforce the silent messages brought by these “silent” film texts. And it is somewhat like this that these silent films of yesterday acquire yet one more reason to have their ‘say’… today.



Rex Ingram
The four horsemen of Apocalypse 1921, 134’
Subtitles in Greek & English

Music Composed by: Christos Sakellaridis, Konstantinos Skourlis
Keyboards, live electronics: Christos Sakellaridis
Sound design, live electronics: Konstantinos Skourlis


Richard Oswald
Different from the others 1919, 50’

Subtitles in English

Music Composition – Live Electronics: Lefteris Papadimitriou
Performing for the prerecorded parts: Maria Ackroyd & Lefteris Papadimitriou

William Dieterle
Sex in chains
 1928, 107’
Subtitles in English

Music composed by Filippos Tsalachouris
Filippos Tsalachouris, piano
Tasos Athanasias, accordion


Georg Wilhelm Pabst
The joyless street/ Die Freudlose Gasse 1925, 140’
Subtitles in Greek

Screening with the original score



Charlie Chaplin: The best moments 1
“His Musical Career” 1914, 12’
“Easy Street” 1917, 23’
“The Immigrant” 1917, 24’

Runtime in total: 59’ – Subtitles – Slides in Greek

Music composed by Apostolos Ntarlas 
Piano: Apostolos Ntarlas, Dimitra Matzouratou

David Wark Griffith
Broken Blossoms or The yellow man and the girl 1919, 90’
Subtitles in Greek

Music Composed by Natalia Mavraki
Piano: Eleni Stogianni
Violin: Nasos Martzoukos
Oboe: Giorgos Theodoropoulos


Charlie Chaplin: Charlot. The king of comedy
“The Cure” 1917
“The Vagabond” 1916
“Laughing Gas” 1914

Runtime in total: 62’ – Slides in Greek

Screening with the original score

Jean Renoir
The little match girl
/ La cerilleta/ La petite marchande d’ allumettes 1928, 32’
Subtitles in Greek

Music Composed by Leta Krisila
Piano: Ioanna Stavrou

Fred Niblo
Blood and Sand 
1922, 62’
Subtitles in English & Greek

Music Composed by Argyro Koliogiorgi
Clarinet: Merkourios Karalis
Violin: Giorgos Krommydas
Piano: Thanos Margetis


Charlie Chaplin: The best moments 2
“The fireman” 1916, 21’
“In the park” 1915, 12’ 

(piano – improvisation: Pavlina Katsi)
“The Adventurer”, 1917, 23’
Runtime in total: 56’ – Slides in Greek

Music composed by Anna Mouzaki

Whisperfono5+ Ensemble
Gogo Charalampidou: trumpet, vocals
Michalis Messias: genis, harmonica
Alexandros Vlandos: lute, percussions
Pavlina Katsi: piano, beat box, percussions

Paul Leni
The cat and the canary
 1927, 84’
Subtitles in Greek

Music composition, piano: Dionysis Mpoukouvalas



Carl Theodore Dreyer 
Leaves from Satan’s book 1920, 157’
Subtitles in Greek

DJ set, Music supervised by: Eleni Mitsiaki


Alexander Dovzhenko
Earth (Zemlya) 1930, 78’
Vignettes in Russian with subtitles in English & Greek

Composing, Piano: Yiannis Loukos
Keyboard, percussion: Dimitra Apostopou
Cello: Tzina Dimitriou 


Paul Leni
Wax works
 (Das Wachsfigurencabinett) 1924, 84’
Subtitles in Greek

Music composed by Josef Valet
Thanasis Skarlatos, flute
Thodoros Karras, strings
Georgia Charalampidou, soprano (Live)

Robert Wiene
The hands of Orlac 1924, 113’
Subtitles in English & Greek

Music: T.I.M.E (The Improvisation Modal Ensemble)
Sound Design: Alexandros Dimitropoulos

Opening film each evening, before each screening or group of screenings:

“The Search for Inspiration Gone”
 by Ashley Michael Briggs

Genre: Experimental – Animation – Fiction/ Fantasy – Silent
Runtime: 8 minutes
Cast: Charlie Macgechan, Poet – Yuliya Fytsaylo, Goddess – Michael Grinter, God
Directed, Written, Produced, Photographed & Edited by Ashley Michael Briggs
Produced by A.Briggs & Dee Meaden
Original Idea by Rob Makin
Original Score by Tom Hickox

Synopsis: A poet awakens within a strange garden in need of his notebook, pencil & inspiration. A divine couple, breakfasting, observes. A debate unfolds; would inspiration arise from help or hinder? Will the poet find his inspiration?

The Filmmaker (Director’s Biography): Ash is mostly concerned with creating bespoke moving image techniques to effectively serve a particular given narrative wholly and without compromise. He’s extremely excited that his directing debut is having continued top tier international festival success




Information – Bookings at the Foundation’s Box Office (Piraeus 206, Tavros)

and over phone 210 3418579 Mon-Fri 11:00 – 14:00

Bookings is necessary and will take place in turn of priority

Hall: Cinema



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