Music Composed by SCOTT GLASGOW

ScreamWorks Records presents another great thriller score from Scott Glasgow, the composer from such affectionate genre entries as Hack! and Lo. His work on Secrets of a Psychopathunderscores the twisted relationship of an incestuous brother and sister duo who lure unsuspecting people to their house via a dating site… The film is the latest work of 93 years old cult filmmaker Bert I. Gordon (known to many as Mr. B.I.G.), who is best know for such genre classics films as The Amazing Colossal Man (1957), Earth vs The Spider (1958), Food of the Gods (1976) and Empire of the Ants (1977). As usual for Gordon, the film deals with some controversial issues while featuring an imaginative score that underlines the key themes of the story.

“There are children songs, music box music and many other innocent colors combined with orchestral ‘violence’ to accompany the descent into madness the main character finds himself in” explains Glasgow about the music. And regarding Mr. B.I.G., Scott added: “Even in his 90’s he had more energy than anyone during our days of work. This film marked his return to filmmaking after 25 years. He tells me there is many more to come and I believe him!”

Composer Scott Glasgow graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music in composition and earned his ­Bachelors of Music degree from Cal State Northridge in composition as well. Following his breakout work on the revitalized anime classicRobotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006), Glasgow’s scores released by MovieScore Media include the urban thriller Chasing Ghosts (2005), the brilliant homage-laden score for the horror comedy Hack! (2007), the neo noirish thriller Toxic (2009) and Lo(2009), a macabre ensemble piece about love which was nominated ‘Best Score for a Comedy’ by the International Film Music Critics Association.

Release date: October 9, 2015

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1 Prelude 2:45
2 Red Room 2:27
3 Playtime Murder 2:06
4 Marital Bliss 3:05
5 Escape 2:49
6 Exploring the House 2:00
7 Genine 2:12
8 Henry’s Deception 3:49
9 Photos of the Dead 2:30
10 Georgette 3:35
11 Grace 1:55
12 Abduction 2:02
13  Shocking 2:13
14 Memories 3:00
15 The Photo Album 4:33
16 Fantasy Hallucination 2:20
17 Family Tragedy 5:27
18 Soroicide & Finalis