Music Composed by ROGER GOULA

MovieScore Media’s latest soundtrack release continues the label’s rich tradition of releasing inspiring sports documentary scores, this time with a focus on Liverpool FC legend Steven Gerrard. Directed by Sam Blair, the film takes its title from the book that chronicles the club’s legendary 2013/14 season with a focus on Gerrard, one of the best midfielders of his generation and captain of the English national football team. Featuring original interviews with both family members and team mates, the filmmakers had unprecedented access into chronicling  Gerrard’ mercurial career. Make Us Dream was released in the United Kingdom and Ireland on November 15.

“I knew the music for this film had to portray his status carrying big triumph themes, but with a twist to embrace all the nuances that belong to the character” explains Roger Goula about his approach. “Sam Blair and I agreed that we wanted to work with both acoustic and electric guitars as the core instruments of the soundtrack to reference the Liverpool musical traditions with an amalgamation of pop/rock/folk instruments and a more classic cinematic strings section. For cues about Steven Gerrard’s biggest challenges (“The Real Game”) experiment with rough electric guitars reversed loops as well as bass drum ‘ostinatos’ played through tape delays and a percussive use of the string orchestra to capture the player’s thoughts and feelings of responsibility.”

Roger Goula’s feature film debut Shock Head Soul (2011) by BAFTA-winning director Simon Pummell was released by MovieScore Media. Since then Roger has written a number of feature films, documentaries and series. His recent documentary scores include the BAFTA-nominated The Hard Stop, BIFA-Winner Next Goal Wins and BIFA-Nominated Versus: The Life And Films Of Ken Loach. His non-documentary works include the ITV/Netflix flagship series The Frankenstein Chronicles and the last ever two episodes of the legendary BBC series Inspector George Gently.

MMS18022 • 
Release date (digital): November 23, 2018


1 Liverpool 2:06
2 Things I Didn’t Dream Of 1:08
3 They Say It’s a Gift 1:54
4 Hillsborough 1:25
5 Bringing People Together 3:48
6 Nurture Him 2:10
7 First Opportunity 2:28
8 The Real Game 2:00
9 Getting Stronger 2:06
10 Chelsea 2:26
11 All Alone 4:11
12 Istanbul 10:15
13 My Only Chance 4:57
14 Achieving the Impossible 2:30
15 Victory Aftermath 7:33
16 I Felt Awesome 4:49
17 Fight Until the End 2:05
18 Becoming a Leader 5:24
19 Never So Close 2:35
20 The Slip 6:04
21 Only for Liverpool 3:3
22 Make Us Dream 1:15