Composed and Conducted by JERRY GOLDSMITH
INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 278

Premiere release of complete original soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith for Stephen Sommers underwater monster picture starring Treat Williams, Famke Janssen, Wes Studi, Djimon Hounsou. Paraphrasing composer: picture had elements of fun but was too graphic for adventure-style music in vein of King Solomon’s Mines or the Indiana Jones movies. It had elements of suspense but where Alien relied heavily on sustained scary mood with just short bursts of violence, Deep Rising went full bore with intense action throughout. Therefore, the final score plays for hardcore action emphasising the violent monster attacks. Fans of Goldsmith reap the benefits! Resulting music has ample suspenseful sequences but puts spotlight on aggressive action. While composer’s trademark keyboards play role throughout, this time Goldsmith emphasizes large orchestral pallette, elevates brass section to prima donna status, giving trumpets, French horns, trombones and tuba all manner of virtuoso ideas. Even primary “Ottoio” theme, written for gruesome monster of the same name, is usually heard in massive, unison low brass fortissimos. Powerful idea! Hollywood label issued relatively brief 33-minute disc at time of movie’s original 1998 release. Intrada now releases the other half of this hour-long score! Many new cues appear but special nod goes to climactic “Not Every Day”, where monster is fully revealed, inexplicably missing from original album. Here Goldsmith takes command with his signature brass-driven ostinato writing in dynamic fashion. Great cue! Also included is unused opening sequence as originally scored by composer plus subsequent re-scored version used in final production. Bruce Botnick goes back to Disney’s 48-track digital session elements, which he himself recorded with Goldsmith, newly mastering entire CD in vibrant stereo sound! Exciting package prepared by Joe Sikoryak offers flipper cover with choice of artwork plus detailed notes by Jeff Bond. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

For the 1988 thriller Deep Rising, an almost postmodern combination of suspense, bloodthirsty violence and comedy made composer Jerry Goldsmith’s job more difficult than usual. Goldsmith responded to these challenges with a deceptively complex score sporting multiple rhythmic and thematic elements evident right from the start with a growling, heavy motif for tuba and low brass  in the film’s opening cue.  For the original 1998 Hollywood Records release of Deep Rising, Goldsmith selected just ten tracks from his lengthy score, totaling about 33 minutes. For this premiere release of the entire score, Intrada was given access to the excellent-condition original Sony 3348-format 48-channel digital session masters courtesy of Walt Disney Records. Listeners can now enjoy over an hour of music pulsating with the composer’s signature action writing. Complex rhythms, a dynamic low-brass theme representing the vicious undersea monsters, a rousing and energetic theme for the salvage vessel, underwater suspense music, exciting and aggressive sequences for brass and strings—all delivered in vivid and punchy digital stereo.

The film tells the story of a salvage vessel run by John Finnegan (Treat Williams), heading for a rendezvous with a massive, high-tech ocean liner, the Argonautica, on its maiden voyage. Finnegan has been hired by the ruthless Hanover (Wes Studi) to take his team of cutthroats and a load of powerful torpedoes to meet the ocean liner. Unbeknownst to Finnegan, Hanover has arranged to scuttle the overpriced vessel for the insurance money—after robbing its boatload of rich passengers. But when Finnegan’s ship ties up alongside the Argonautica he finds that the ship is empty; he eventually discovers that the passengers have been devoured by a gigantic, kraken-like sea creature that is now picking the salvage team off one by one. With his cowardly, smart-mouthed mechanic Joey (Kevin J. O’Connor) and a wily female jewel thief named Trillian St. James (Famke Janssen), Finnegan struggles to escape both the sea monster and Hanover’s thugs before the Argonautica sinks.

Date: 1998
Time: 1:07:43
Tracks: 35


1. Underwater Grave–The Saipan (2:11)
02. The Screen–The Ship (1:33)
03. Wallet Overboard (1:02)
04. The Crates (1:36)
05. Mexican Standoff (1:06)
06. The Necklace (0:47)
07. No Gentleman (0:30)
08. The Torpedo–Lost Communication–The Intruder* (3:20)
09. Pit Stop (0:42)
10. Collision Course (1:15)
11. Boarding The Ship (3:47)
12. Empty Ship (1:54)
13. Wet Repairs (3:41)
14. Stay Close (3:03)
15. On The Road–Dragged Under (1:24)
16. Free Fall– Muscles (2:25)
17. Let’s Make A Deal (4:24)
18. The Ottoio (1:00)
19. Surfing (1:09)

20. Loose Arm (1:17)
21. I’m Out Of Here (1:32)
22. A Fish Story–The Shadow (1:41)
23. Lurking Monster (2:46)
24. Wall Of Water (3:21)
25. Last Meal (1:35)
26. Where Are The Keys (0:37)
27. Leila’s Gone (1:42)
28. The Flare Gun (1:15)
29. Not Too Fast (0:37)
30. Not Every Day (1:53)
31. The Shirt (1:17)
32. E Ride (3:39)
33. Hang On–End Title* (2:55)

The Extras
34. Underwater Grave–Main Title (Original)* (2:38)
35. Wild Drums* (0:23)
* Not Featured In Film