Music Composed by GEORGE KALLIS

MovieScore Media once again teams up with composer George Kallis (Gagarin: First in Space) with the soundtrack of 93 Days, a film starring Danny Glover.  The movie was selected for a red carpet premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and it’s US premiere will be held at the Chicago International Film Festival in October 2016.

The soundtrack for 93 Days was recorded with a 65-piece orchestra and ranges from serene solo segments to thematic musical landscapes that underscore the dramatic developments. The music reflects the bravery and sacrifice made by a small team of doctors in Lagos, Nigeria, who quickly contained the Ebola virus that broke out in 2014, with only 8 deaths in a city of over 20 million people.

“After our early discussions I realized that Steve wanted the music to make a significant statement in the film and to accentuate the soul and humanity behind the story. So for me it was a fascinating opportunity to compose a lyrical score that expressed the emotions and heroism of the people that perished in order to save thousands. We have various melodic elements such as a four-chord motif for the core medical stuff, an ebola-threat melody based on contrabasses and trombones, and a native african element, which is featured with Onyi, a wonderful singer of Nigerian roots, who is based in LA and whose voice brings a wonderful dimension to many parts of the score” Kallis says.

George Kallis’ first collaboration with director Steve Gukas was on the film A Place in the Stars, which earned the composer an African Movie Academy Award nomination for Best Music in 2015. Cyprus-born George Kallis is a film & TV composer based in Los Angeles who has studied composition at Berklee College of Music and the Royal College of Music. He has composed music for over 20 films, Emmy and BAFTA award-winning TV programs, and commercial spots for top brands and film trailers. He is best-known for his scores of Highlander:The Source, and Gagarin: First in Space, also released by MovieScore Media.

MMS16014 • 
Release date (digital): October 7, 2016
Release date (CD): October 28, 2016

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1 Speech of Remembrance 6:13
2 This Is My City 2:07
3 The Beautiful Man 2:42
4 International Reports 2:09
5 Liberian Threats 2:33
6 The Disease Is Spreading 2:42
7 Evelyn’s Story 1:54
8 Blood Everywhere 1:48
9 Mr. Sawyer 2:16
10 US Presentation 1:49
11 Miscarriage 2:06
12 Dr. Abaniwo 2:10
13 Happy Birthday 2:01
14 It Started 2:11
15 Taken to the Ward 3:33
16 The Valley of the Shadow of Death 2:02
17 Evelyn