Kinetophone and City Lights Film Music Radioshow are back


An eclectic 2h trip to 2016 New Film Scores and an intro to an adventurous new season full of surprises!

City Lights: A Weekly 2-Hour Film Music Radio Show
Tuesdays 21:00-23:00 @InnersoundRadio


Main Title | Our First Experiments. Birth (MORGAN) – Max Richter
De Natura Sonoris. Meeting (MORGAN) – Max Richter
The Call Of The Wild | The Tombs (THE NIGHT OF) – Jeff Russo
Main Title, Quartet Version (THE NIGHT OF) – Jeff Russo
The Chosen Suite (THE CHOSEN) – Arnau Bataller
Dusk Talks (DESIERTO) – Woodkid
Sam And Moises (DESIERTO) – Woodkid
Opening. Secret Downloading | Burden Of Truth (SNOWDEN) – Craig Armstrong
Ed Copies Data (SNOWDEN) – Craig Armstrong
Hotel Mira (SNOWDEN) – Adam Peters
Stranger Things | Joyce and Lonnie Fighting | Nancy and Barb (STRANGER THINGS) – Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein
Run Away | Eleven Is Gone | Stranger Things Extended (STRANGER THINGS) – Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein
Main Titles (ELLE) – Anne Dudley
A Different Ending (ELLE) – Anne Dudley
Denial | A Conspiracy Of Good (DENIAL) – Howard Shore
A Return to London (DENIAL) – Howard Shore
No You Without Me (LIGHTS OUT) – Benjamin Wallfisch
Help Him Or Hurt Her | Lights Out (LIGHTS OUT) – Benjamin Wallfisch
Opening (THE CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER) – Scott Walker
Montage feat. Felicity Jones (A MONSTER CALLS) – Fernando Velazquez
End Credits (A MONSTER CALLS) – Fernando Velazquez
The Red Turtle | Love In The Sky (THE RED TURTLE) – Laurent Perez Del Mar
Flying With The Turtles (THE RED TURTLE) – Laurent Perez Del Mar
Orchestral Suite (ME BEFORE YOU) – Craig Armstrong
Still Your Husband (THE LIGHTS BETWEEN OCEANS) – Alexandre Desplat
The Light Between Oceans (THE LIGHTS BETWEEN OCEANS) – Alexandre Desplat

 Tune in 9-11 pm (EET +3.00) tonight

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