Featuring Original Music by John Klimek
With Songs by Patsy Cline, Steppenwolf, and The Tokens

Lakeshore Records will release the WOLF CREEK II – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring original music by John Klimek (CLOUD ATLAS, KILLER ELITE), digitally beginning May 6, 2014. The album features songs by The Tokens, Steppenwolf, Nellie Melba, and Patsy Cline.

“The score is purely electronic, meaning I used a lot of ‘organic’ orchestra recordings and treated them electronically,” said Klimek.

Johnny Klimek is a fourth generation film composer, equally comfortable in the electronic studio and on the recording stage with Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic. His style is a hybrid of the ambient soundscapes and propulsive grooves he mastered during his formative years in the Berlin underground and the classic film scoring tradition associated with Hollywood. Klimek, is set to score Kriv Stender’s KILL ME THREE TIMES, and the Netflix original series SENSE 8. He recent projects include HBO’s THE NEWSROOM and FOX’s MIND GAMES.

In addition to his work as a solo composer, Klimek has enjoyed a working relationship with Reinhold Heil, and a lasting association with Tom Tykwer spanning several films, most notably CLOUD ATLAS, PERFUME: THE STORY OF A MURDERER, and THE INTERNATIONAL. Klimek has collaborated on dozens of film and television scores with Heil, including ONE HOUR PHOTO, two series and a film for HBO (DEADWOOD, JOHN FROM CINCINNATI, and Golden Globe-nominated IRON JAWED ANGELS), cult horror film director George Romero’s LAND OF THE DEAD, the Academy Award-nominated SOPHIE SCHOLL: THE FINAL DAYS, action thriller KILLER ELITE, and the NBC crime drama series AWAKE. They also wrote the theme and scored multiple episodes of WITHOUT A TRACE, for which they won seven ASCAP Awards.

Klimek says of his collaboration with writer/director Greg McLean, “Greg told me that he wanted a very disturbing sounding score, something that makes the audience feel uncomfortable. He was going for a more atonal vibe, almost like sound design, not a typical horror score.”

While seeking an authentic Australian adventure, one unlucky backpacker learns the deepest, darkest secrets of the Outback’s most infamous serial killer.

Lured by the promise of an Australian holiday, backpackers Rutger, Katarina, and Paul visit the notorious Wolf Creek Crater. Their dream Outback adventure soon becomes a horrific reality when they encounter the site’s most infamous local, the last man any traveler to the region ever wants to meet; Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). As the backpackers flee, Mick pursues them on an epic white knuckled rampage across hostile wasteland. Only one will remain to be dragged back to his lair to witness the true magnitude of his monstrosity. And if the last man standing is to have any hope of surviving where no one else has survived before, he’ll have to use every ounce of cunning to outwit the man behind the monster and become every bit as ruthless as the monster inside the man.

Image Entertainment presents WOLF CREEK II, released in theaters and on VOD April 17th. Lakeshore Records will release the WOLF CREEK II – Original Motion Picture soundtrack, featuring original music by John Klimek, digitally beginning May 6, 2014.


01. Wolf Creek 2 Opening – Johnny Klimek
02. Head Shot – Johnny Klimek
03. Watering Hole – Johnny Klimek
04. Mick Kills Rutger – Johnny Klimek
05. Katarina Escapes – Johnny Klimek
06. Katarina’s Funeral – Johnny Klimek
07. True Isolation – Johnny Klimek
08. The Semi Chase – Johnny Klimek
09. Wandering On Foot – Johnny Klimek
10. Paul’s Awakening – Johnny Klimek
11. Hunt And Whip – Johnny Klimek
12. Paul In The Hot Seat – Johnny Klimek
13. Knuckle Down – Johnny Klimek
14. Dazed Confused – Johnny Klimek
15. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) – The Tokens
16. Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
17. I Fall To Pieces – Patsy Cline
18. Caro Nome – Nellie Melba
19. The Blue Danube Waltz – The Image Orchestra

Via Cinemedia Promotions and Lakeshore Records