Kronos Records is once again proud to champion another up and acoming composer from Spain; Sergio Jiménez Lacima, a prolific composer and conductor for films, TV, Video Games and Concert Music.
VIRAL is a 2013 horror / thriller film directed by Lucas Figueroa and starring Aura Garrido, Juan Blanco and Miguel Ángel Muñoz. Raul is The Chosen One to be the lowly reality star of a promotion and viral campaign for FNAC. The deal, He has to live 24 hours in the store for one week. The catch, his only contact with the outside world will be through social media where he will be known as the Supergeek. If the Supergeek generates 1.000.000 “likes” by week’s end he gets the prize of 50.000 €, enough to pay off lots of bills, parking tickets and help his sick father. Strange things start to happen and his online presence gets VIRAL!
For Viral composer Jiménez Lacima utilises a very American palette for the genre, however adding to it his own colours, that show his classical training and his eclectic musical tastes making of VIRAL standing out of the usual staple of the genre, arming it with dramatic and very personal moments that make this score shine where many others fail.  The score was recorded in Hungary with the Budapest Art Orchestra under the direction of Peter Pejtsik.
The CD is strictly limited to 300 copies.
3. Habitación
4. En este Edificio pasan cosas muy raras
6. Juanjo ve algo
7. ¿Por qué hay tantas fotos?
8. Raul, por favor, perdoname
9. Chuwaka se escapa
10. Una peli con Lucia
11. En las calderas
12. Lucía y Frank
14. Muñecas de Famosa
15. El convento de las Descalzas
17. Aquí está pasando algo raro
19. Ataque de la anciana
21. Chuwi muerto
22. Desmayo en el escaparate
23. Voy a descubrir todo
24. Síndrome de la cabaña
25. En los sótanos
26. ¿Por qué lo hiciste?
27. Espada láser
28. ¡No lo hagas!
29. El misterio De la niña
30. ¡Estamos siendo atacados por algo!
31. Lucía, la madre de Raúl nó murio en un accidente