Sony Music is pleased to announce the release of the original soundtrack of the second season of the successful HISTORY television series VIKINGS, featuring music composed by Trevor Morris. Morris has composed music for both seasons of the drama series.

Morris is a Canadian orchestral composer, music producer and creator of electronic music who has written outstanding TV soundtracks, including historical dramas. He has created compositions for television shows, including The Tudors and The Borgias, where he won two Emmys® in 2007 and 2011 respectively for the main title theme music,, and received an additional three Emmy® nominations for his work on The Borgias (Outstanding Music Composition for a Series) and The Pillars of the Earth (Outstanding Music Composition for a Miniseries). Morris has also worked closely with the leading movie composers James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer. His recent projects include producing the score for the film Olympus Has Fallen (2013).

Morris’ score elevates the action and emotion experienced throughout VIKINGS. His music is able to accurately accompany and enhance the storyline – which is at times dark and brooding to reflect the mystery and danger of the Viking world; often full of thunderous percussion and brass for scenes of conflict; and sensitive and touching to illustrate romance.

Everyone who enjoyed the first series of VIKINGS and Trevor Morris’s thrilling music can look forward to hearing more when Sony releases the original soundtrack on 16 June.


VIKINGS tells the extraordinary tales of the lives and epic adventures of these warriors. The drama portrays the world of these Dark Age raiders, traders, explorers – not from an outsider’s view, but, through the eyes of Viking society.

Created and written by Michael Hirst – one of the premier historical story-tellers in the industry (Academy-Award winning film Elizabeth; and the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated series The Tudors), Michael serves as Executive Producer along with Morgan O’Sullivan of World 2000 (The Count of Monte Cristo; The Tudors), Sheila Hockin (The Tudors; The Borgias), John Weber of Take 5 Productions (The Tudors; The Borgias), Sherry Marsh, Alan Gasmer, and James Flynn (The Tudors; The Borgias) and. Dirk Hoogstra and Julian P. Hobbs are the Executives in Charge of Production for HISTORY.

VIKINGS is an international Irish/Canadian co-production with World 2000 and Take 5 Productions. HISTORY broadcasts domestically in the U.S. MGM Television brought the series to the network and brings VIKINGS to the global audience, serving as the international distributor outside of Ireland and Canada. VIKINGS is produced in association with Shaw Media, and the series also airs on HISTORY in Canada.

For more info on the series, visit the official show website.



1. War Is Coming
2. Battle of Brothers
3. Bjorn’s Choice
4. Vikings Return Home
5. Rollo’s Trial
6. Ragnar Says Goodbye to Gyda
7. Rollo Tries to Regain Ragnar’s Trust
8. Vikings Attacked
9. Jarl Borg Attacks Kattegat
10. Ragnar Reunites With Family
11. Ragnar, Bjorn Sneak Into Kattegat
12. Battle for Kattegat
13. Jarl Borg and Ragnar Make Peace
14. Aslaug In Pain
15. Ragnar Describes the Blood Eagle
16. Ragnar Meets Ingstad
17. Aslaug Gives Birth
18. Athelwulf Is Ambushed
19. Athelstan Translates Scrolls
20. Vikings Retreat
21. Vikings Mourn Their Dead
22. Porunn’s Metaphorical Swim
23. Horik Propositions Floki
24. Horik Asks Floki to Kill
25. Horik Watches Game
26. Feeding Rollo Poison Mushrooms
27. Erlendur Shown Sword of Kings
28. Horik’s Forces Attack
29. Killing Horik – King Ragnar

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