Featuring Original Music By Saunder Jurriaans and Danny Bensi

Lakeshore Records will release THE ONE I LOVE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on October 7th and on CD November 4, 2014.  The album features original music by Saunder Jurriaans and Danny Bensi (ENEMY, A GOOD MARRIAGE).

“We were trying to do everything quite nontraditionally but full of character so that it would have a stark approach,” explained Bensi. “We like to do that for a lot of scores where the music will really be almost like one of the characters in the movie, so that’s what we made sure happened with this score right away.”

Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans, recently placed amongst On The Rise 2014: 12 Film Composers To Watch, are multi-instrumentalists and classically trained musicians. Bensi is an internationally raised cellist and composer, while the mostly self-taught Jurriaans (“I had a few classical guitarlessons”) dropped out of the Rhode Island School of Design and, after playing with a few pick-up bands and working some graphic construction jobs, reconnected with high school friend Bensi, with whom he formed the acclaimed
rock band Priestbird. The band spent about six years recording (they have released five albums) and touring, evolving what can only be described as the ‘dramatic, cinematic’ blend of music to which both Bensi and Jurriaans are naturally attracted. By 2010, Priestbird had run its course, but the pair continued to hone their skills.

They began their film scoring career with Alistair Banks Griffin’s TWO GATES OF SLEEP (Cannes – Director’s Fortnight, 2010) and have since moved on to score various features and shorts, including Sean Durkin’s MARTH MARCY MAY MARLENE  (Sundance, 2011 – winner Best Director, Cannes – Official Selection, 2011), Ruben Ostlund’s PLAY (Cannes – Director’s Fortnight, 2011), PBS American Experience: THE AMISH and Antonio Campos’ SIMON KILLER (Sundance, 2012). Later in 2012, among many other features, shorts, and documentaries, they scored Sebastian Silva’s thriller MAGIC MAGIC and Lance Edward’s BLUEBIRD. Year 2013 brought the opportunity to score Denis Villeneuve’s ENEMY, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Already in 2014 they have scored Vic Levin’s 5 TO 7, Stephen King’s A GOOD MARRIAGE, and Rodrigo Garcia’s THE LAST DAYS IN THE DESERT with multiple projects currently in the works. Bensi and Jurriaans also compose for documentaries, commercials, highprofile fashion videos, and the American Ballet Theater. Bensi is also the cellist and co-arranger for the well-regarded Diego Garcia, and they both perform frequently with many other artists and composers. Bensi and Jurriaans are in the midst of putting together an album of new material, though no release date has been formalized.

The highly anticipated debut feature from acclaimed author Charlie McDowell, THE ONE I LOVE is an original tale that continues to showcase McDowell’s keen observations of human relationships with a distinct and comedic voice. THE ONE I LOVE, written by Justin Lader, was produced by Mel Eslyn and executive produced by Mark Duplass who stars opposite Elisabeth Moss. On the brink of separation, Ethan (Duplass) and Sophie (Moss) escape to a beautiful vacation house for a weekend getaway in an attempt to save their marriage. What begins as a romantic and fun retreat soon becomes surreal, when an unexpected discovery forces the two to examine themselves, their relationship, and their future.

“There’s a lot of percussion.‎ The day we started on the film we built this kind of junk drum set in our studio, which was like a drum set but it had all these weird ethnic instruments,” said Jurriaans.

“Wood blocks and an old cymbal and a cowbell on it. It was from like the ’40s. Vintagey and weird, clangy and clinky,” added Bensi.

The Weinstein Company and RADiUS presents THE ONE I LOVE now playing in theaters. THE ONE I LOVE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available digitally October 7th and on CD November 4, 2014.



1. The Arrival
2. The One I Love
3. Duplicity
4. Packing
5. Bacon
6. Fifteen Minutes
7. Lost Your Cell
8. Voicemails
9. Impostor
10. The Right Ethan
11. Can’t Resist
12. Had Enough
13. Discoveries
14. I’m Your Husband
15. Escape