Music Composed by JAMES GRIFFITHS 

MovieScore Media listens to the demands of the fans and presents the official CD release of James Griffiths’ The Drift, one of the most welcome genre surprises of the indie film scene. The first feature film score of the composer, The Drift was a finalist at the Music and Sound Awards 2016, was nominated for The Siren Award for Best Original Composition in a Feature Film and won Best Surprise at the Soundtrack Geek Awards. Previously released on digital platforms, the label gives this fan favorite score an official CD release, expanded with the music for Darkwave: Edge of The Storm, a sequel set in the same universe.

“This movie demanded a big score.” recalls James about the project. “I had to display the different subplots and character tales is the contrasting styles between the Romantic and Sci-fi ’DRIFTING’ and the Psycho/Slashing Horror sequences. My orchestral scoring was tailored to a large amount of Low/Mid strings and Big Brass. The ‘Drifting’ scenes extended as far as the mid strings range could, rising and giving the impression of limitless space and moving forward. My horror ambition edged towards insanity, thrashing strings and explosive brass, it became an enjoyable polar opposite.”

When it comes to the sequel, the composer adds: “Darkwave Edge of The Storm continues the story of The Drift and the Starlight Universe. I had to compose a much darker score, more sound design and atmosphere to create the feeling of the unknown and questions that are unfolding. The story concept is one of running and staying safe, it also has an innocence based around a young boy, Ben. I chose to steer away from the long melodic cello scoring of The Drift, and instead focused on higher woodwind to display the innocence of youth, backed up with high scoring solo cello and haunting vocals. The score still has its big brass and aggressive string excitement for the discovery of something powerful…”

MMS16004 • THE DRIFT/DARKWAVE: EDGE OF THE STORM (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JAMES GRIFFITHS 
Release date (digital): April 29, 2016
Release date (CD): May 12, 2016


The Drift
1 Opening Sequence Darkwave 3:58
2 Helpless Massacre 3:26
3 The Descent 1:43
4 Graveyard 0:30
5 The Approach Suite 5:38
6 You Can Still Be Saved 2:48
7 Finding Astra 3:50
8 Not a Democracy 1:13
9 Inhabitants 2:43
10 Betrayal 5:27
11 Orpheus 2:37
12 Are You Safe 2:22
13 Rock, Paper, Scissors 7:16
14 Dirty Hands 4:17
15 Finale Lightwave 7:41
16 End Credits 3:32

Darkwave: Edge of the Storm
17 The Journey 2:59
18 The Arrival 1:50
19 The Discovery 3:24
20 Horizon A-56
21 He’s Special 2:17
22 Omega Protocol 1:59
23 Phoenix Rising Finale 4:50