Music Composed by PANU AALTIO

In 2012, MovieScore Media’s release of a Tale of a Forest by Finnish composer Panu Aaltio was voted as the Best Original Documentary Score by the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA). 2016 sees the release of Tale of a Lake where  writer/director/producer Marko Röhr and editor/director Kim Saarniluoto return with another breathtaking overview of the country’s natural beauties. The documentary focuses on the world of rivers and the thousands of lakes of Finland with stories ranging from birds, fish and their spawn, to the lives of critically endangered seal pups. Featuring the narration of Samuli Edelmann, and Johanna Kurkela as the voice of the mystical water spirit Ahitar,Tale of a Lake is as much of an emotional journey and a breathtaking travelogue as its predecessor was.

Tale of a Lake continues the series started by Tale of a Forest, but is not a direct sequel.” explains composer Panu Aaltio. This time the score aims for a more mythical angle, focusing on the majesty, the mystery and the serenity of Finland’s thousands of lakes. “A big challenge was to have all new themes while still having a connection between the movies. One of our main new elements is the vocal, amazingly performed by Johanna Kurkela. Her singing acts as the wordless voice of the protagonist, Ahitar, the water spirit.”

Tale of a Lake marks the fifth MovieScore Media release with Panu Aaltio. Apart from Tale of a Forest (2012), the string of collaborations include The Home of Dark Butterflies (2009), Finland’s official submission for the 2009 Academy Awards and the epic Dawn of the Dragonslayer (2009). Training as a cellist since the age of six, Aaltio also studied music technology and classical composition at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and film music at the University of Southern California where he received the Harry Warren Scholarship for Excellence in Film Scoring. Aaltio’s latest release with the label was the Greece-set adventure score The Island of Secrets, released in early 2015.

MMS16002 • 
Release date (digital): January 29, 2016
Release date (CD): February 12, 2016


1 Ahitar (The Water Spirit) 3:37
2 Spring Brook 1:55
3 Tale of a Lake 2:16
4 Hide and Seek 3:40
5 First Morning 4:56
6 Reunion 1:40
7 A Family Divided 1:46
8 Bug Ballet 2:34
9 The Spawn 2:10
10 Frog Wrestling 3:06
11 Ancient Spirits 1:58
12 Coming of the Fall 1:35
13 Macro World 2:33
14 Children 2:52
15 The Gulls and the Eagle 2:12
16 Brisk and Idle 2:06
17 The Birds’ Farewell 2:23
18 Under the Frozen Surface 3:15
19 Life in the Depths 4:44
20 Crab Guardians 3:38
21 Seal Pup 5:49
22 The Water Cycle 2:13