Music Composed by PESSI LEVANTO

MovieScore Media once again teams up with Pessi Levanto, the composer of Oma maa, to release his groovy swing comedy score for the aptly titled Swingers. Co-written and directed by Pamela Tola, the Finnish film is a raunchy comedy about four couples spending a weekend at a swinger’s retreat. Although they are at different points in their relationships, all four of the couples get their faithfulness tested and who knows if all of them manage to survive the resort intact…

“Given the topic of the film, I felt that it was an obvious choice for the music to be swing,” explains Pessi. “Since my education and background is in jazz music, I felt comfortable to use this style. I played the piano myself and gathered some of the best jazz musicians in the country for the sessions. Maybe the music is more hard bop in the end than strictly swing stylistically, but I believe the groovy overall sound serves the film quite well. There are some more serious parts in the film but me and the director didn’t want to show the characters any mercy by using music which would make the viewer sympathize with them. Thus there are some rather dark moments but we deliberately went against the picture and use groovy jazz on top of these to mock the characters and make fun of them even more.”

Pessi Levanto has scored eighteen full-length feature films, around thirty short films and documentaries plus miscellaneous spots and commercials. He has released seven records of his own and played in and done arrangements for dozens of others. His credits include the romantic comedy Body Fat Index of Love (2012) and the family adventure Rölli and the Golden Key (2013) and The Swedish Moment (2014). Besides his film work, Pessi is a sought-after arranger. His project Classical Trancelations with the Helsinki Philharmonics, had sold-out shows of orchestral versions of club music classics. His score for Oma maa is also available from MovieScore Media and the label is planning on releasing many more by this talented composer.

Release date (digital): February 8, 2019


1 Swingers Theme 4:10
2 Opening Montage 2:30
3 In the Mansion 1:36
4 Interlude I 1:08
5 Sliced Cucumbers 1:52
6 Smokin’ Cats 3:42
7 Croquet Game 1:52
8 Interlude II 0:58
9 Skeet Shooting or a Massage 3:44
10 L.A. Sunshine 4:04
11 Milla Investigates 1:42
12 Interlude III 1:04
13 Jere Takes Off 1:37
14 Will You Be My FBW? 2:16
15 Wake Up! 1:41
16 Interlude IV 0:54
17 Funny Buckle Toes 3:17
18 Grand Bill 2:43
1 Lucia’s Theme 3:02
2 Entering the Museum 1:41
3 A Wish Even Santa Can’t Fulfill 1:30
4 Old Treasures Found 2:35
5 International Santa School 2:46
6 Climbing Skills 2:37
7 Finding the Hidden Star 3:19
8 A Touch of Magic 1:07
9 Hiding at the Christmas Market 2:49
10 Many Broken Illusions 1:42
11 She Was Right All Along 1:42
12 The Krampus Cave 5:00
13 Tears That Heal 1:35
14 The Tuktuk Chase 3:23
15 The Rescue 2:06
16 The Ancient Barrow 2:19