Album Features Perfect Accompaniment to Survive a ‘Sharknado’ With Songs Performed By Artists Including Camper Van Beethoven, Eddie Cole, Quint, East Bay Ray, Dave Days,
Geno Lenardo, Daniel Davies and Sebastian Robertson

Lakeshore Records will release SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! – ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK digitally on July 17th and CD on August 14, 2015.  The soundtrack includes new and exclusive original songs from Camper Van Beethoven, Dead Kennedys, East Bay Ray, Eddie Cole and Dave Days.  It also features exclusive contemporary covers of such classic Sharknado themed songs as a DRIVE-inspired Synth version of the Pixies classic “Wave Of Mutilation” by Daniel Davies & Sebastian Robertson, the Mission Of Burma anthem “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver” by Filter’s Geno Lenardo and Nina Bergman and the Surf Punks “Shark Attack” performed by Barnaby Austin.

From songs including Justin Lassen’s EDM Remix of the “Jaws Theme (Justin Lassen Remix)”, “Shark Rain” performed by Eddie Cole, and “Long Way to Go (Sharknado)” performed by Camper Van Beethoven the label has assembled a soundtrack that is the perfect accompaniment to the beloved trilogy of films. The film’s director, Anthony C. Ferrante gets into the musical action, as a member of the band Quint, who contributes two tracks “(The Ballad Of) Sharknado” and “Crash.”

The 2013 made-for-TV film, SHARKNADO became a television phenomenon – lighting up the Twitterverse and scoring a record 2.1 million viewers – on its THIRD airing and leading it to make the leap from small to big screen. That was nothing compared to what would happen next. THE SECOND ONE was coming.

SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE had a record-breaking 3.9 million viewers in its premiere. Not to be slowed the film totaled 9.5 million viewers over just a few days, almost six times the viewers the entire previous summer garnered for SHARKNADO. As always with the fallout from a SHARKNADO, Twitter was a roaring spiral of biting monsters with Variety and Nielsen Twitter ratings reporting, there were 581,000 tweets about the movie during its premiere — 83% more than the original. At several points during the premiere, nine of 10 U.S. trending topics on the social media platform were related to SHARKNADO.

Ian Ziering (Fin), Tara Reid (April) and Cassie Scerbo (Nova) star in SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! when the global pop culture sensation premieres on Syfy Wednesday, July 22 at 9PM (ET/PT). The third installment in the SHARKNADO franchise will also premiere on Syfy in 87 countries within 24 hours of the US premiere.

In the latest fin-tastic Movie, SHARKNADO 3 will cause mass destruction in Washington, DC, than roar down the Eastern Seaboard before the final confrontation in Orlando, Florida. Joining Ziering, Reid and Scerbo will be David Hasselhoff (Fin’s father, Gil); Bo Derek (April’s mother, May) and Nickelodeon stars Ryan Newman (April and Fin’s daughter, Claudia Shepard) and Jack Griffo (Claudia’s friend, Billy). Anthony C. Ferrante once again directs and The Asylum will produce. SHARKNADO 3 is based on an original screenplay by Thunder Levin.

The Asylum and Syfy Films present SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO!, airing on Syfy on Wednesday, July 22 (9/8c), 2015.  SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! – ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK will be released digitally on July 17th and on CD August 14, 2015.   Also available from Lakeshore Records are the soundtracks for SHARKNADO and SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE


01) (The Ballad Of) Sharknado – Quint
02) Wave Of Mutilation – Daniel Davies and Sebastian Robertson **
03) Long Way to Go (Sharknado) – Camper Van Beethoven *
04) Shark Rain – Eddie Cole **
05) Shark Fight – Dave Days *
06) Shark Beach – East Bay Ray *
07) Armageddon Surfer Girl, Rock On – Martin Luther Lennon
08) Infinite Ocean – Camper Van Beethoven *
09) Jaws Theme (Justin Lassen Remix) – Justin Lassen **
10) Shark Attack – Barnaby Austin **
11) Shark Truck – East Bay Ray *
12) That’s When I Reach For My Revolver – Geno Lenardo and Nina Bergman *
13) Crash – Quint *

*   Exclusive New Original Song
** Exclusive New Version