Music Composed by SID DE LA CRUZ

Following the film’s release on February 12,  2016, MovieScore Media presents the music for Prayer Never Fails which marks the fourth collaboration between director Wes Miller and composer Sid De La Cruz. The film tells the story of a high school basketball coach who gets is fired for praying with one of his players. By following God’s calling, he hires an agnostic, gambling-addicted lawyer to file a lawsuit. The experience changes both of them as defendant and lawyer learn about each other, letting a higher power guide them through the hardships of the trial.

“The music was discussed several months before I actually got to compose the music“ explains the composer. “Wes wanted the score to be a hybrid, meaning a mixture of orchestral and synth instruments. I feel that the music in this movie, takes the viewer in a journey and gives them a mixture of emotions to help capture what is going on screen.”  The emotionally charged score reflects on the protagonists tribulations, covering every emotional stage of his trial from feeling let down and alone to moments of great triumph and inspiration. The score program is rounded out by six songs written by Sid de la Cruz with artists from the hip-hop, rock and pop genres such as D. Woodz, Mz Nokz, Jon Blaq, Suzanne Wood and Smart Guy Chevelle.

Composer Sid De La Cruz studied music composition at San Jose State University where he familiarized himself with popular and electronic music, african drumming and asian gamelan. He pursued a music composition master’s degree at Claremont Graduate University and completed the film scoring program of UCLA. Prayer Never Fails marks his fourth collaboration with Wes Miller, their previous shared credits are Lily Grace: A Witch Story and the shortsWhat a Wonderful World and Chapter One: The Date. Sid is also the winner of the BMI Jerry Goldsmith Film Scoring Scholarship Award 2013.

MMS16003 • 
Release date (digital): February 19, 2016

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1 How Is the Practice 4:41
2 Get Out of My House 2:37
3 Aiden, Are You There? 2:16
4 I’ll Pay You Back, I Promise 2:55
5 Not Everyone Believes in Prayer 3:52
6 I Stand Here Shackled 4:41
7 And Still You Believe 2:09
8 I Can’t Do It for Free 1:47
9 We Are Making History 2:05
10 The Discussion 1:07
11 Prayer Never Fails 3:20
12 I Got No Quit (D. Woodz) 2:54
13 Miracles (Mz Nokz) 2:59
14 All I Got (Jon Blaq) 3:27
15 Hold On (Suzanne Wood) 3:51
16 Greater (Jon Blaq) 4:02
17 Perfect Work Out (Smart Guy Chevelle) 3:07