BSOSpirit announces the launch of two new film music festivals in Spain: Movie Score Málaga  (MOSMA) in conjunction with Festival de Málaga (June 29-July 3), and the Úbeda Soundtrack Festival (July 7-9).
The first edition of MOSMA will feature events including nightly concerts, panels, workshops, and presentations.  The first two announced concerts include the opening night concert dedicated to Michael Kamen (BRAZIL, ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES, LICENSE TO KILL, X-MEN) and the main MOSMA concert on July 2nd at the Teatro Cervantes with the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, performing music by all of the international guests of the event, conducted by Arturo Díez Boscovich.  The announced guests include leading Japanese composer Kenji Kawai, Spanish award-winning composer Roque Baños; and Italian Maestro Pino Donaggio, with Michael Kamen’s family in attendance. In the following weeks, the festival will announce the attendance of other major international guests of the festival.
Select parts of the MOSMA programming will include:
• MAIN THEME – The central section of MOSMA focused on the work of the main honored guest and Elmer Bernstein Award recipient
• NEW WAVE – A section focused on those musicians who have excelled throughout the year as breakthrough composers.
• VINTAGE – A section focused on works that marked an era. True Maestros.
• PREMIERE – Current composers and their works
• DISTANT WORLDS – A spotlight on music from around the world.
• HOMELAND – A section focused on national composers from or working in Spain.
• SCREEN TV – A stroll through television music.
• HONORED – Tributes dedicated to the great film music Maestros.
BSOSpirit previously organized film music festivals in the cities of Úbeda (2004-2011) and Córdoba (2012-2014), Spain.  The organization presented the Jerry Goldsmith Awards (given to young composers) and the Elmer Bernstein Award (for a current composer with a well-rounded career awarded at the peak of their popularity) at these festivals.  These awards will be presented at MOSMA, and a new award, the MOSMA Award will be presented by the Film Festival de Málaga.
BSOSpirit will also return to the city of Úbeda the following week, with the launch of the Úbeda Soundtrack Festival.  The first edition of this new festival will focus on a heartfelt tribute to Basil Poledouris.  Ten years ago Poledouris gave the first, and last concert, of his masterpiece CONAN THE BARBARIAN in the city of Úbeda.  It is only fitting, that this new festival recognizes the legendary composer and pays tribute to his memory.   At this festival, BSOSpirit will present the Goldspirit Awards (recognizing the best film/TV music of the year, voted on by readers of BSOSpirit.com).
Members of the Poledouris family, along with several film music composers from around the world will pay tribute to Basil the weekend of July 7-9.
Additional guests and award nominees/recipients will be announced at a later date.