Music Composed by STEPHEN WARBECK

The latest release of MovieScore Media arrives from France and is provided by Academy Award winning composer Stephen Warbeck. Co-written and directed by Sylvestre Sbille, Je te survivrai (I’ll Bury You) is about forty-something property broker Joe (Jonathan Zaccaï) who is at the top of his game when it comes to his job, but is a failure in all other aspects of life. Still, the most despicable thing he does is his plan to expropriate and old lady, an idea which leads him down a pit where he could stop his victim’s water supply – the only problem is he can’t get back on the surface. What follows is a time of introspection dashed with dark humor as Joe finds himself at the low point of his life – quite literally.

Stephen Warbeck’s score for Je te survivrai is an eclectic mixture of Western-flavored twang, laid back jazz and contemporary Euro-thriller scoring for moments of great suspense. One of the strongest characters of the score is the desolate landscape represented by the guitar-based themes introduced in “The Angry Neighbour” and further shown in “In the Well”, showing us Joe’s hopeless situation of finding any help. “Water” presents the most extended version of the action-thriller music as Joe’s life is jeopardized by the elements; finally Bicycle Ride” and ”The Farm” highlight the jazzier aspect’s of the composer’s colorful contributions to this most unexpected thrill-ride.

Born in 1953 in Southampton, British composer Stephen Warbeck has worked on over 100 different feature films and television projects. His best-known score was arguably written for John Madden’s Shakespeare in Love (1998) for which he won one of the film’s seven Academy Awards in the category of Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score. Some of his other credits include the underscore for the musical hit Billy Elliot (2000), the De Sade biopic Quills (2000) and the math mystery drama Proof(2005). The composer’s previous release with MovieScore Media was Princess Ka’iulani (2009), a historical drama about a Hawaiian princess’ attempt to maintain the independence of the islands against colonization

Release date (digital): August 21, 2015

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1 The Angry Neighbour 3:00
2 Bicycle Ride 4:15
3 In the Well 2:00
4 The Depths 2:48
5 Disorientation 1:57
6 Plan of Escape 1:38
7 The Farm 1:18
8 Water 3:50
9 Hunger and Hallucination 1:32
10 The Perfect House 1:20