Not easy manTEASER_FIN2

Music composed by Fred Avril

Director Eleonore Pourriat

Plaza Mayor Company has released a soundtrack album for the French Netflix original movie I Am Not an Easy Man. The album features the film’s original score composed by Fred Avril (The LifeguardSound of NoiseSparrow). Also included are songs by Isaac Delusion, Lo-Fang, Ruppert Pupkin, Shaka Ponk & more. The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. I Am Not an Easy Man is directed by Eleonore Pourriat and stars Vincent Elbaz, Marie-Sophie Ferdane and Pierre Benezit. The romantic comedy follows a shameless chauvinist who gets a taste of his own medicine when he wakes up in a world dominated by women and locks horns with a powerful female author. The movie premiered this past April worldwide exclusively on Netflix.

The soundtrack was composed in Montmartre next to Pigalle, where the movie ends. I was amazed how the experience of the movie changed my very perception of the area. I was already busy, but fell in love with the project and worked triple time, often with Eléonore who was truly implicated in the music. Working with her and Pierre-Marie Dru was thrilling : I had never spent that much time with a director besides me IN the studio, and enjoyed every minute of it. In the score, high-pitched guitars (Jazzmaster and Gretsch) accompany Damien and a solo cello carries Alexandra. The tension between both instruments (and their worlds) defined the soundtrack’s language. »

Fred Avril Magnon a.k.a. Avril started releasing records in the early 2000´s and has composed for numerous feature films since then. Among them, China’s acclaimed Sparrow directed by Johnnie To, Swedish movie Sound of Noise directed by Nilsson-Simonsson, American independent film The Lifeguard directed by Liz W. Garcia and starring Kristen Bell, French comedy Harry Me ! directed by Noémie Saglio & Eloïse Lang or the adult manga series Lastman, directed by Jérémie Périn.

« Music was by my side at each stage of the making of the film. While writing, some tunes helped me find the right tempo of a sequence. Some were kept afterwards, such as Lo Fang’s cover, which dictated the whole club scene. Some, like Choir by Perfume Genius, imposed their own originality, bursting like the interior voices of the protagonists, whereas others, like Ruppert Pupkin’s song, Viens, were composed especially for the film. I also wanted to play with the codes of masculinity and feminity. This is why I chose on one hand high-pitched male voices and on the other hand Fred Avril Magnon proposed a cello, to convey Alexandra’s deeper voice. However, the tone shared by all musical moments, their «key», was their sensuality.

While being a politically committed piece of work, I Am Not an Easy Man is a love story, and I wanted the original score as well as the other songs to convey this mood. » Eléonore Pourriat


1. The Sinner – Isaac Delusion (0:52)
2. Tu Nies (1:22)
3. Course 1 (2:06)
4. Course 2 (0:52)
5. Déambulation (1:22)
6. Geishô (0:52)
7. Una Donna Sa – Leopold Gilloots-Laforge (1:59)
8. You’re the One That I Want – Lo-Fang (3:25)
9. Recto Verso (3:18)
10. Vendôme (0:59)
11. Poker (3:57)
12. Boxe (1:46)
13. Viens – Ruppert Pupkin (0:52)
14. Damien Wild (2:06)
15. Choir – Perfume Genius (2:28)
16. Faking Love – Shaka Ponk (3:53)