Music by composer Giona Ostinelli
Lakeshore Records will release DARLING – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 1st and on CD shortly thereafter. The album features the original score by composer Giona Ostinelli (POD, CARNAGE PARK).
“There’s barely any dialogue throughout the whole film, so the music had to play a major role by being another character in the film that is always present,” described Giona Ostinelli. “It is a rare opportunity in today’s film industry, as well as a major challenge. The score has to be incredibly focused on guiding the audience through the film with confidence.”
DARLING begins as a lonely girl (Lauren Ashley Carter) moves into a mysterious Manhattan mansion. Hired as a caretaker, it’s not long before she discovers the estate’s haunted reputation. These stories slowly transform into a backdrop for her twisted and violent descent into madness. From the producers of THE INNKEEPERS and THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and director Mickey Keating, one of the hottest most prolific genre filmmakers in the industry today, comes what critics are calling “an absolute masterpiece”, “extraordinary” and “mesmerizing.”
Darling presented a wonderful opportunity to experiment creating a score as a combination of classical, noir and sound design elements,” said Ostinelli. “I was able to achieve a particular sound by creating a unique hallucinatory soundscape, which features a heaving distorted Ondes Martenot combined with various layers of piano going through a very specific type of reverb. On top of these hypnotic intricate sonorities, I occasionally introduced a distant solo trumpet, which added a disturbing noir element that worked perfectly with the black-and-white images.”
Versatile and expressive composer Giona Ostinelli is one of the most experienced young composers working in the film and television industry today with over 28 features under his belt. The Huffington Post describes Ostinelli as “an innovator with “surprise” coded into his DNA” while The Examiner depicts him as “a natural talent born out of passion he developed from an early age”. Films Ostinelli has scored have received critical acclaim in many film festivals across the globe, including Sundance Film Festival, Cannes International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, FrightFest, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Cincinnati International Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival, among many others.
Ostinelli recently had his score for POD shortlisted for the 2016 Academy Awards.
Some of Ostinelli’s credits include 2016 Sundance & SXSW Official Selection CARNAGE PARK; TWO-BIT WALTZ from executive producer David Mamet, starring Academy Award nominees William H. Macy and David Paymer, premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival; 2016 Academy Awards shortlisted for Best Picture CARTER HIGH starring Charles S. Dutton and Vivica A. Fox; THE BOAT BUILDER starring Christopher Lloyd and Jane Kaczmarek; 2016 Academy Awards shortlisted for Best Original Score POD, an official selection of the 2015 SXSW Film Festival; THE MASSIVELY MIXED UP MIDDLE SCHOOL MYSTERY produced and distributed by Nickelodeon; INDIGENOUS, an official selection of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival; RITUAL produced & distributed by Lionsgate; TOBIO: THE PUPPET MASTER, a “highlight of the Moscow theater season” from director George Dolmazyan, the recipient of the Russian Ministry of Culture Award; LITTLE LOOPERS starring Rob Morrow, Mark Moses and Natalie Imbruglia; GHOST SQUAD starring Kevin Nealon; OPENING NIGHT starring Cheyenne Jackson and Anthony Rapp; LITTLE MISS PERFECT starring Lilla Crawford; CHRISTMAS TRADE starring William Baldwin, Denise Richards and Tom Arnold; and HOW SARAH GOT HER WINGS starring Derek Theler and Lindsey Gort.
“Mickey Keating and I have collaborated on 4 films together,” Ostinelli explained. “Our first film RITUAL was acquired and distributed by Lionsgate, second film POD was shortlisted for the Academy Awards for Best Original Score, DARLING had a smashing run at the Fantastic Fest and is coming out in theaters on April 1st, our latest film CARNAGE PARK premiered at Sundance Film Festival and last week’s SXSW to rave reviews and is being noted as one of the stand out features coming out of the festivals. Mickey is always able to establish a rare and unique collaborative environment; he encourages his team to be 100% creative. Mickey always has a clear and precise vision on where he wants his film to be, and he is masterfully able to guide his team towards this goal. He never wants to repeat himself and therefore strives for his every film to be completely different from the previous one. What attracts me the most in every new Mickey’s film is a challenge, I love it when a film presents an opportunity to experiment and try new exciting things.”
Screen Media Films presents DARLING in theaters April 1st and on VOD April 8th. Lakeshore Records will release DARLINGOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrackdigitally on April 1st and on CD shortly thereafter.
  1. NYC Pt. 1
  2. Darling
  3. The City
  4. Why Did You Come Here Tonight
  5. Abyssus
  6. Dragging The Body
  7. James Abbott
  8. Crucifix
  9. Falling
  10. Pacing Around
  11. Coming To Life
  12. The Phone Call
  13. Invocation
  14. NYC Pt. 2
  15. The Door
  16. The House
  17. Conversation
  18. Following Him
  19. Henry Sullivan
  20. Abyssus Pt. 2
  21. Inferno
  22. Makeup
  23. Encounter
  24. Exploring The House
  25. Scriabin Preludes op. 11
  26. NYC Pt. 3
  27. Demon
  28. Second Phone Call
  29. I Couldn’t Let Him Live
  30. Darling Reprise