Music Composed by GERRIT WUNDER

ScreamWorks Records presents the digital release of Creatures of Whitechapel, the horror fantasy short written and directed by Jonathan & Rebecca Martin and scored by Gerrit Wunder. This digital release will be followed by a CD release on December 16, featuring Creatures of Whitechapel alongside Kiss the Devil in the Dark, another collaboration with the same filmmakers – the digital album is already available by ScreamWorks Records.

”Scoring Creatures of Whitechapel was a very unique experience due to the fact that I had to score wall to wall orchestral music for this short film” explains the composer about how he approached the film. “It felt more intense than many of the feature films I have worked on in the past. Director Jonathan Martin’s motto is “I like it big” and so I try to support the characters and their journey using Wagnerian leitmotif techniques combined with big and rich orchestrations. I hope this score will be enjoyable to listen to by fans of dark and big orchestral film music.

Creatures of Whitechapel is an inventive combination of two iconic horror characters – who would have guessed that there could be a link between notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper and the enigmatic Dr. Frankenstein whose medical experiments need more volunteers. When Igor/Jack is tasked with one last foray into the bowels of Victorian London to find the last piece needed to bring the doctor’s Creation to life, we’re shown a rare side of the city that reveals the monster in all of us.

Austrian born composer Gerrit Wunder studied film music at the University of Music in Vienna. He is one of the few composers who consecutively won both the ASCAP Competition and BMI Award for Aspiring Film Composers. His list of documentary credits include The Sound of Hollywood (about Max Steiner), Wizard of the Desert – An Alexander Vesely Film  and Na-Naia: Legend of the Dolphins featuring Kate Winslet, Daryl Hannah and Megan Fox. More recently Gerrit worked with Postman Pat – The Movie alongside composer Rupert Gregson-Williams at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions, he is now scoring the western miniseries Dead Men.

SWR16006 • 
Release date (digital): November 25, 2016
Release date (CD): February 10, 2017 (coupled with Kiss the Devil in the Dark)


1 Creatures Of Whitechapel 1:41
2 London 1888 Jack the Ripper 2:52
3 Bring Me a Heart 3:22
4 Dinner for Two 4:05
5 Streets of London / Capturing 3:03
6 Frankenstein’s Laboratory 3:34
7 Love Remembers 2:17
8 Sonata for Harpsichord 3:25
9 We Are Gods Now 1:37
10 All This for What 1:25
11 Such a Beauty 3:10