Original Score by Ian Hultquist

Little Twig Records will release the BURNING BODHI – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on May 6th.  The album features the film’s original score by Ian Hultquist (ANIMALS, THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY, formerly of the band Passion Pit).

“I am so proud to have BURNING BODHI be the first soundtrack released on my new label, Little Twig Records. This score, like the film itself, was such a delicate labor of love – I’m thrilled to be able to personally hand-deliver it to the world.”

BURNING BODHI tells the story of lifelong friends who stumble back home after high school when word goes out on Facebook that the most popular among them has died. Old girlfriends, boyfriends, new lovers, parents, your first dead friend – how do people deal? The reunion stirs up sticky feelings of love, longing and regret, and the novelty of forgiveness, mortality and gratitude. The death of one of their own reunites a group of lifelong friends who have gone their separate ways. Back together for the first time since high school, they hash out their pasts and confront what pulled them apart.

“We spent a great deal of time developing this score into something that could live within this tender & gentle story of loss and heartbreak. There’s such a mix of themes between spirituality, lust, & jealousy present in the story, it was a wonderful challenge finding new ways to express it. The musical palette grew into a beautiful melting pot of swirling, ethereal Strings (performed by Ray Suen – Childish Gambino, Savio Savio), woody Acoustic Guitars, and haunting Vocals (performed by Sofia Hultquist – Drum & Lace Music, THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY) ”

Ian Hultquist is a California-born, Chicago-raised composer and musician living in Los Angeles. Hultquist studied film scoring at Berklee College of Music, where he married his love of electronic and rock music with his love of film, and began to develop his unique composing style. It was in Boston that he also became a founding member of the band Passion Pit.

He began with scoring numerous commercials and short films, which led to work on both his first feature length documentary, IVORY TOWER (Sundance 2014 Selection), and the award winning drama ANIMALS (SXSW 2014 Selection).

Ian’s film work also includes THE DIABOLICAL (SXSW 2015 selection), THOUGHT CRIMES (Tribeca Film Festival 2015 selection), MY BLIND BROTHER & SILICON COWBOYS (Both SXSW 2016 Selection) & THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY (Tribeca Film Festival Opening Night Selection 2016).


1. Bodhi Died
2. Missed Calls
3. A Million Pieces
4. We Should Celebrate Him
5. Someone Else’s Life
6. Seventeen
7. Glitter & Rust
8. Launching Rockets
9. Late Night Texting
10. Drug Bunny
11. Bodhisattva
12. Ember’s Secret
13. Becoming Clean
14. Letting Go