Music Composed by SIMON KÖLLE

By winning the Best Original Score at the Hollywood International Film Festival in 2016 and becoming the Best Original Score at London Independent Film Awards, Simon Kölle’s Ave Mater has already proven itself as one of the most engaging horror scores of the past season. With a story about the investigation of a mysterious cult whose activities create panic in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Rasmus Tirzitis’ supernatural thriller has lent itself to a dark and powerful underscore that reflects on both the uneasy alliance between the investigator and a former reverend as well as the mystic rituals behind the murders.

While scoring Ave Mater, Simon Kölle was inspired by both the occult and the church. As he explains: “Composing the score meant me setting out on a journey to create something dark, exciting and filled with suspense, but not horror. Rasmus was rather clear that he felt that the music should be the ‘beating heart and soul of the film’, a true guide throughout the story. To work with a couple of clear themes got important with the choir and the cello became crucial to capture the feeling of the occult.” The score features the Lidingö Chamber Choir who sing and chant in both Sumerian and Latin.

Swedish composer Simon Kölle was born in 1977 in Stockholm. After being a Theatre Major in high school he has received higher education in fields such as Theatre and Film Science, Film Music and Experimental/Art Music at Stockholm University. Simon has composed music for several highly-acclaimed projects. In addition to film and TV-series for national TV, Simon has composed music for several high-profile documentaries, Video Blogs and computer games such as Conduct This!. His more recent credits include the Steven Seagal action thriller The Perfect Weapon and the 10-episode Swedish series (Re)volt. Simon is currently working on the fantasy horror Legend of Dark Rider, written and directed by Titus Paar.

Release date (digital): March 3, 2017

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1 Main Theme and Gabriella 3:09
2 Prologue and Killed in the Garage 2:34
3 1975: The Prophecy 2:50
4 Gabriella Runs 1:35
5 The Story 3:07
6 The Sons of God 2:24
7 Attack at Home 1:57
8 What About Her 1:45
9 Rooftop Fight 2:14
10 A Slit Throat 1:58
11 The Cellar 2:47
12 Stitches and One More Biscuit 1:32
13 Hoffa 2:18
14 Looking for the Hand of God 2:44
15 Preparing the Ritual 2:12
16 Showing True Faces 4:30
17 Into the Tunnels 1:53
18 Lost in the Dark and Final Confrontation 7:00
19 Farewell 2:40
20 End Credits: Ave Mater 2:19