Music by Composers Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans 
Lakeshore Records To Release the WILDLIKE – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Available Digitally on June 24th and on CD Shortly Thereafter
In this thrilling coming-of-age adventure, a troubled teen must face the dangers of the Alaskan wild, as well as her own past, in order to find her way home. Sent to stay with her uncle in Alaska while her mother is in treatment, 14-year-old Mackenzie (Ella Purnell) is forced to flee as her uncle’s attention turns threatening. Unable to reach her mother and afraid that the authorities will return her to her uncle, she embarks on a journey across miles of wilderness to find a way back home to Seattle. As she plunges deeper into the Alaskan interior, a chance connection with gruff backpacker Bartlett (Bruce Greenwood) proves to be her only lifeline. Mackenzie shadows Bartlett across the rugged frontier, thwarting his efforts to cut her loose until he has no choice but to help her survive, and against the backdrop of a spectacular landscape, they discover the redemptive power of friendship.
Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans are contemporary film composers writing together in New York.  They first started playing music together when they formed the unique instrumental rock band Priestbird in 2001.  They recorded 4 acclaimed albums and were invited to tour internationally with many reputable bands including Pearl Jam.
In 2010, they were approached to write their first feature movie score Two Gates Of Sleep premiering at the Cannes Film Festival.  The film demanded a unique minimalist orchestral score and quickly garnered the attention of several directors.  Soon after, they were asked to score the critically acclaimed feature Martha Marcy May Marlene. From avant-garde classical music to sweeping epic orchestral scores, the composer duo then scored an array of award-winning films and documentaries including Simon Killer, The One I Love and Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy – winning best Musical Score at the Canadian Screen Awards.
Each score they write is heralded as having its own unique character.  Their music is laden with vitality and all recorded with real instruments and musicians.  Be it small string ensembles, unlikely percussion groups, or a group of clarinets, the duo thrives on exploring innovative musical textures, always demand stark deliberate performances, and interweaving beautiful spine-chilling melodies. Recently released films include, The Benefactor, The Gift, and the documentary feature The Wolfpack.  At Sundance 2016 their scores include: Christine, Frank & Lola, Complete Unknown, and The Fits.
1. Titles
2. Hike and Glacier
3. Leaving Uncle
4. L’America – Mono
5. The Ferry
6. Crying
7. Bus Ride
8. Journey Begins
9. Don’t Run
10. The Outdoors
11. The Bear
12. Uncle Calls
13. Long Drive
14. The Kite
15. Back
16. Uncle
17. Texting
18. Juneau
19. The Parting Glass – The Wailin’ Jennys