Lakeshore Records To Release
WHERE DID THEY FILM THAT?: ITALY digitally on June 24th and On CD Shortly Thereafter

Musical Companion To The Unique Travel Guide Performed by Author/Singer Romina Arena

Three Coins in a Fountain. Roman Holiday. The Bicycle Thief. In many of the greatest movies ever made, the biggest star was Italy itself. Where Did They Film That?: Italy is a unique travel guide that invites the reader to explore the beauty and cultural riches of Italy through the universal language of cinema. Where Did They Film That?: Italy shows readers where to find the exact locations where many of the most famous movies set in Italy were filmed — plus nearby attractions, museums, restaurants, shops, and must-experience slices of Italian life. The beautiful and historic sites immortalized in great films are the reader’s keys to experiencing the best in Italian travel, art, dining, and living.

Where Did They Film That?: Italy gives readers in-depth knowledge of the behind-the-scenes details of great films by placing their locations within the full context of their history and meaning to Italian culture. Written by beloved Italian popera singer and television personality Romina Arena, Where Did They Film That?: Italy presents an intelligent and personal appreciation of Italian life and culture from a native Italian’s viewpoint. “Where Did They Film That?: Italy is a unique combination of travel guide, film history, and cultural study. No other book can match the mix of expert travel guidance, movie trivia, cultural knowledge, and charmingly personal idiosyncrasy of Where Did They Film That?: Italy. An irresistible combination of film history, travel guide, and the zest and seductiveness of la dolce vita, Where Did They Film That?: Italy is a new kind of travel guide that will turn Americans’ love of movies to a love of travel and new experiences.

“Romina Arena” (pronounced “A’ Rain a”) was born to be a star. From the age of 4 until she was a teenager she was a  Mouseketeer for Disney in Italy (during that time she was classically trained as a singer and dancer) and has been in the entertainment business all her life. Romina Arena started in the entertainment business when she was only four years old as a ballerina. Dancing was her first love and with such natural talent and abilities, success came at a very early age. Shortly thereafter, she garnered the attention of Disney in Italy “Topolino”.  There she toured all over Europe and at the same time learning new languages from the other European children.

Romina overcame adversity to become a true Star. At the age of fifteen she suffered a vicious attack at the hands of a  jealous entertainer in Italy having her vocal cords severed, rendering her comatose and at the edge of life and death. With true determination Romina not only survived the attack, but completely recovered to become an International star, gaining a five octave vocal range and selling over 4 million records over the lifetime of her career. Romina is the only known female “Tenorette” in the world. If there were such a thing as a female tenor, this would best describe her. Romina is the next International female Pop/Classical Crossover phenomenon to conquer the world. She sings and speaks fluently in 10 different languages and writes all of her own material. A pioneer, although still at a young age (she recently coined Epic/Pop, a new genre of music closely associated to POPERA/Classical Crossover, a very high end genreof music, but commercially accessible). She is a female singer with incredible power and is the female answer to Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban.

Romina writes and records music for film soundtracks and TV shows and she is always in demand for many exciting major projects in Hollywood. Through her own music production and publishing company “Arena Sonic Brand” she continues serving the film &TV soundtrack, videogame, advertising community, as well as working with large major corporations and brands developing their “sonic DNA”, helping them make their brand sing in a process she calls “Sonic Branding”. Romina created the rock opera song “Satellite” as the theme song for Gotham Racing 2 (Recorded in English and Italian) a popular video game developed by Microsoft, which sold over 1.4 million copies. She recently released the single ‘I Want Love” through her soundtrack label Perseverance Records from the famous movie and videogame franchise ’Silent Hill”, the album is titled The Best of Silent Hill”. Romina recently recorded a new American album and its Spanish, Italian and French version for the international market, establishing key relationship with one of her sub publishing companies Warner Chapell and other labels and other sub publishers around the world. She is also a very multi facets successful songwriter, composer and producer, able to write and record any style of music, however her focus is developing, writing, producing, recording and collaborating with other Popera and classical crossover artists; some of which she produced and written for including Marcello Giordani, Aaron Caruso and Hollie Steel to name a few.

Most recently Romina has reunited with her long time mentor Oscar-winning film composer Maestro Ennio Morricone (legendary and famous for his music of the great “Spaghetti Western” movies such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, The Mission, Once Upon A Time in The West, Cinema Paradiso and many others) who chose her over many other major artists to write and sing lyrics to 14 of his most famous and iconic movie scores of all time. After 20 years in the making the duo collaborated on their new album together “Morricone.Uncovered” and was released September 2012 on Perseverance Records. Romina has traveled around the world, singing for millions from Japan, to Australia, from Europe to Africa, from the US to Thailand, where people of all walks of life defined her as ’The Singer of The People” because her loving pure heart and personality will soon embark on great new music and film projects in India, Mexico, South America, Korea and China. Romina is considered by the media to be ’The Queen Of Popera” and ‘One of The Most Prominent Female Popera Stars today.”


01. Volare (from the film To Rome with Love)
02. Speak Softly Love (from the film The Godfather)
03. Al Di La (from the film Rome Adventure)
04. Beautiful That Way (from the film Life Is Beautiful)
05. Se (from the film Cinema Paradiso)
06. Three Coins In a Fountain (from the film Three Coins In A Fountain)
07. O’ Solo Mio (from the film Only You) [feat. Aaron Caruso]
08. Love In Portofino (from the film Portofino)
09. A Time For Us (from the film Romeo & Juliette)
10. Mi Mancherai (from the film il Postino)
11. To Make You Feel My Love (from the film When In Rome)
12. Nessun Dorma (from the film The Sea Inside)