October 25, 2015 | Megaron, Athens, Greece

Athens State Orchestra | Conductor: Frank Strobel

Between C3PO and HEL -George Lucas’ golden robot from Star Wars (1977) and Fritz Lang`s silver cyborg from Metropolis (1927)- there is more than a physical resemblance. Both films have a huge impact on our idea about the future, and despite such visionary dimension, both films look back prominently to ancient mythological and literary roots (e.g. the Golem and Arthurian tales). Mythology met technology both in Babelsberg and Hollywood, but the future, according to composers Gottfried Huppertz and John Williams, was musically rooted in the great late romatic tradition –with some departures to striking modernism and tongue-in-check popular rhythms.

Indeed, it was not Darth Vader but Adolf Hitler who caused fear and panic on dozens of European artists (musicians, painters, filmmakers, actors…) that left Europe for Hollywood. Having received classical training and written opera and concert works, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Franz Waxman, Miklós Rózsa and many other musicians settled in Hollywood during the late thirties. Their influence on the so-called „Hollywood Sound“ is as huge as the scope of Max Steiner’s score for Gone with the Wind (1939), Miklós Rózsa’s Ben Hur (1959) or Ernest Gold’s music for Exodus (1960) –being all of them featured in our concert program.

„From Babelsberg to Hollywood“ invites the audience to join a musical journey following the path from the early silent German classics to the Hollywood dream factory. In doing so, the program showcases the importance of the symphonic-romantic orchestra sound in the film music genre, yet not neglecting the connection between songs and stardom – Merlene Dietrich, Zarah Leander- and pointing out, towards the end, Hollywood’s gradual permeability to newer and much purely American musical references –as represented by the music of Henry Mancini, Marvin Hamlisch, Alex North and Elmer Bernstein-.

The Program

  • Max Steiner:  Overture from GONE WITH THE WIND
  • Gottfried Huppertz:  Excerpts from METROPOLIS (1. Introduction 2. Transformation Scene)
  • Friedrich Hollaender: Tribute to Marlene Dietrich arr. by Marco Jovic
  • Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Four Pieces from THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (1. Old England 2. March of the Merry Men 3. Love Scene 4. Fight, Victory & Epilogue)
  • Ernest Gold:  Overture from EXODUS
  • Miklós Rózsa:  „Eternal Love“ from THE THIEF OF BAGDAD
  • Various Composers:  „The Big Movie Suite“ arr. by Jeff Tyzik 1. LAURA (by David Raksin) 2. BEN-HUR (by Miklós Rózsa) 3. DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (by Maurice Jarre) 4. LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (by Maurice Jarre) 5. THE PINK PANTHER (by Henry Mancini) 6. THE WAY WE WERE (by Marvin Hamlisch)
  • John Williams:  The Throne Room & Finale from STAR WARS


  • Alex North: Love Theme from SPARTACUS
  • Elmer Bernstein:  Suite from THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN



Συντονιζόμαστε σήμερα στην εκπομπή City Lights με την Ελένη Μητσιάκη 21:00 – 23:00 και δηλώνουμε συμμετοχή για 2 διπλές προσκλήσεις για την κινηματογραφική συναυλία στο Μέγαρο Μουσικής Αθηνών που θα πραγματοποιηθεί την Κυριακή 25 Οκτωβρίου! Ο γερμανικός ήχος του Hollywood θα σας συνεπάρει.

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Αυτό που αναγνωρίζουμε ως «ήχο του Χόλυγουντ» οφείλει πολλά σε Ευρωπαίους συνθέτες, όπως ο Κόρνγκολντ, ο Στάϊνερ ή ο Ρόζα, που για μικρό ή μεγάλο διάστημα πρόσφεραν την έμπνευσή τους στη «Μέκκα του κινηματογράφου» δημιουργώντας αθάνατες μελωδίες για αθάνατες ταινίες. Η Κρατική Ορχήστρα Αθηνών «βάζει τα καλά της» και μας θυμίζει μερικές από αυτές καθοδηγούμενη από τον σημαντικότερο στην Ευρώπη μαέστρο κινηματογραφικής μουσικής.


*Οι προσκλήσεις είναι μια ευγενική χορηγία των Kinetophone, του FilmPhilharmonie και του Innersound Radio*