Kinetophone and City Lights Film Music Radioshow present:

KONG SKULL ISLAND & Other Stories!

City Lights: A Weekly 2-Hour Film Music Radio Show.
Produced and presented by Eleni Mitsiaki.
Tuesdays 21:00-23:00


Un Sac De Billes | Arrivee a Nice | La Traversee (UN SAC DE BILLES) – Armand Amar

Retour A Paris | Fouille De La Milice (UN SAC DE BILLES) – Armand Amar

A Storm Is Coming | Nailed | Maria’s Theme  (TULIP FEVER) – Danny Elfman

The Streets pt.2 | The Grand Finale  (TULIP FEVER) – Danny Elfman

Viaje A Elizondo | Ha Desaparecido Otra Nina | Investigacion (EL GUARDIAN INBISIBLE) – Fernando Velazquez

Atando Cabos | Ir Al Origen | El Guardian Invisible (EL GUARDIAN INBISIBLE) – Fernando Velazquez

Main Titles | The Grim Reavens  | Gabriella’s Video (LOGAN) – Marco Beltrami

Into The Woods | Forest Fight (LOGAN) – Marco Beltrami

Hanna And Volmer | Magnificent, isn’t it? | Bicycle (A CURE FOR WELLNESS) – Benjamin Wallfisch

Volmer Institut | Actually I’m Feeling Much Better (A CURE FOR WELLNESS) – Benjamin Wallfisch

The Beach | Project Monarch | Kong The Destroyer | Monsters Exist (KONG SKULL ISLAND) – Henry Jackman

The Heart Of Kong | Man vs Beast | The Temple (KONG SKULL ISLAND) – Henry Jackman

Brimstone | The Reverend (BRIMSTONE) – Tom Holkenborg

God Has Forgiven Me | Genesis (BRIMSTONE) – Tom Holkenborg

Prologue | A Clean Start | Xin Ren (THE GREAT WALL) – Ramin Djawadi

Nameless Order | The Great Wall (THE GREAT WALL) – Ramin Djawadi