Original Book Score by François Jolin

Lakeshore Records will release FALL OF GODS – SHE IS GONE – Original Book Score digitally on February 19 and on CD February 26, 2016. The album features the original score by François Jolin (THE GENEX, WINNETOU, HARD RIGHT) and the original track The Call co-written with, and featuring, Delhia de France.

FALL OF GODS is an illustrated book inspired by Norse mythology, following Vali, a warrior haunted by his past, but who has found peace in the arms of a woman. For years he has lived far from society, tending to his farm and trying to forget the battles he fought…and the crimes he committed. But one day his love disappears, and he must set out to find her. He will once again have to face the creatures of Jotunheim and the powerful Aesir. Suddenly, the man he thought he had buried deep down inside has risen to the surface once more…and he comes seeking vengeance.  FALL OF GODS was created by MOOD concept designer Rasmus Berggreen and HITMAN video game writer Michael Vogt.  The book will be turned into a feature film by director Wes Ball (THE MAZE RUNNER) and 20th Century Fox.

“For score references, I was instructed to look towards films like APOCALYPTO, BRAVEHEART, and NOAH,” Jolin started. “This helped a lot to establish an initial sound palette. One key part of the sound palette was getting in all these textures so that it never sounded too clean. Using synths and off­-played strings helped give a real sense of grit while maintaining a modern approach.” The musical textures Jolin created play well with the psychology of the characters and the setting to get the readers immersed in this gritty adventure about a nameless hero.

François Jolin is known for his evocative music, juggling with various musical styles and working methods through traditional writing, recording, sound design and electronic textures, making FALL OF GODS the perfect story for him to score. Jolin is an award-winning composer from Montreal, Canada, and the founder of Eon Sounds Productions. Throughout the past 10 years he has provided original scores and sound design to a variety of feature films, TV series, commercials, trailers and video games.

Jolin has provided soundtracks to local and international clients such as Le Cirque du Soleil, Funcom, Digital Dimension, Mood Visuals, Bell Media, Procedural Reality and many more. Some of his recent and upcoming projects include THE GENEX, WINNETOU, HARD RIGHT as well as the VR video game LIMIT THEORY.

Jolin is an excellent visualizer of a story’s heart and pulse, which makes him thrive. “I see FALL OF GODS as being more than a huge monsters, Norse action piece,” he said. “It contains many elements that have a strong meaning, affliction, duality, hope amidst chaos, whilst remaining viable and true to its epic stage. It’s not the same sort of Norse inspired story that we’ve all come to know, there are no superheroes with red capes, and washboard abs. It has a gritty naturalistic approach that brings something new to the mythos.” Jolin concluded, “The best way in which to experience it would be in its hardcover form with the score being played alongside. It’s magical to behold the feel of the real book in hand​, but the iTunes and Amazon digital editions are stupendous too.“

Lakeshore Records will release FALL OF GODS – SHE IS GONE – Original Book Score digitally on February 19 and on CD February 26, 2016.