Composed and Conducted by JERRY FIELDING

Intrada presents a remastered edition of their prior release of Jerry Fielding’s masterpiece,The Nightcomers (1971). It was the second of five films Jerry Fielding scored for Michael Winner, for which he composed one of his most diverse and complex scores. Fielding appeared to be intrigued by the film’s two major conflicts.The first conflict is primarily visual — a dynamic contrast between frequent shots of the pastoral, regal English landscapes and the similarly frequent sequences of dark, sordid happenings occurring behind closed doors. The second conflict is more internally dramatic, a battle between the malicious Peter Quint and innocent Miss Jessel for the well-being of the children. With such intense material, Fielding avoided composing a solitary theme to unify the story, or even working with a theme and variations approach. Ever the intellectual composer, Fielding instead created his own world of contrasts to musically shape and dissect.

The score opens strong, with a bright major-key fanfare for brass to herald the locale followed by classically imbued harmonies to underscore youthful innocence juxtaposed with the odd and disturbing nature of this tale. A warm pastoral mode pops up (a rarity of style for Fielding), but don’t be deceived, for not far behind is a cold, dark string motif that anchors the score. The character of Miss Jessel gets not one, but two dramatically contrasting musical ideas, one painted with warm glowing colors in strings, woodwinds, and French horns to reflect her outer beauty, the other a cold string theme with violent brass and percussion sections to underscore her submissive, sexually perverse nature. All just a few highlights from this Fielding gem.

This album maintains the previous release’s chronological order, featuring crisp stereo sound from recording engineer Richard Lewzey at Cine-Tele Sound in London, remastered for optimal sonics. A shout out to James Fitzpatrick whose foresight rescued the master tapes from oblivion when the studio closed down.
The Nightcomers was constructed as a prequel of sorts to Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, detailing what happened to gardener Peter Quint (Marlon Brando) and the governess Margaret Jessel (Stephanie Beacham) prior to their untimely deaths. Or more to the point, it chronicles how they influenced two evil children, Flora and Miles, who in turn devised their murders.

Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 502

Film Date: 1971

Album Date: 2024

Time: 40:37

Tracks: 23


01. Main Title (2:49)
02. The Smoking Frog (2:12)
03. Bedtime At Blye House (3:07)
04. New Clothes For Quint (0:40)
05. The Children’s Hour (1:25)
06. Pas De Deux (1:29)
07. Like A Chicken On A Spit (1:01)
08. All That Pain (1:02)
09. Summer Rowing (2:07)
10. Quint Has A Kite (1:03)
11. Act Two Prelude: Myles In The Air (0:59)
12. Upside Down Turtle (1:40)
13. An Arrow For Mrs. Grose (0:36)
14. Flora And Miss Jessel (1:16)

15. Tea In The Tree (1:07)
16. The Flower Bath (2:26)
17. Pig Sty (1:41)
18. Moving Day (0:59)
19. The Big Swim (3:35)
20. Through The Looking Glass (2:45)
21. Burning Dolls (2:11)
22. Exit Peter Quint, Enter The New Governess;
      Recapitulation And Postlude (2:08)
Total Score Time: (38:19)

23. Pub Piano (2:18)
Total CD Time: 40:37