Original Score by DABNEY MORRIS

“These scenes are unexpected, surreal, accompanied by a lovely, meditative string score from composer Dabney Morris” – Variety

Intrada presents a digital release of Dabney Morris’ score to Sometimes I Think About Dying, a new film starring Daisey Ridley (Star Wars), who also co-produced. The orchestra features strings, flutes, choir, harp, horn, lujon, omnichord, guitar, and percussion. This unique combination results in a fresh, crisp score to this new independent film from director Rachel Lambert. The prominence of harp and detailed orchestration brilliantly capture the quirkiness of both Fran and the movie. As Morris describes it:

Early in the pre-production stage of the film, [director] Rachel Lambert approached me with an idea that we treat Astoria, OR, as though it had the same escapist allure as a Hawaiian getaway. This ultimately took us down the seemingly endless rabbit hole of the often-eye-rolled-at genres of exotica and lounge.

Pulling inspiration from Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Arthur Lyman, Henry Mancini, and the dreary, dull Pacific Northwest coast, we were able to imagine a score that was at once lush and enticing, yet dark with a sort of romantic macabre.

The film is set in a small city on the coast of Oregon. Ridley plays Fran, a socially awkward office worker who spends most of her time in isolation. She often daydreams of her own death, then one day a new colleague breaks through her isolation. She makes this new guy laugh, which leads to them dating. Now if only Fran could get out of her own way.

Label: Intrada INT-D 9002

Film Date: 2023

Album Date: 2024

Time: 28:30

Tracks: 13


01. Opening (Sometimes I Think About Dying)
02. Cranes
03. Forrests
04. My Isle of Golden Dreams
05. Offices: I
06. Beetles

07. Bella Danza & Departure
08. Beaches
09. Offices: II
10. Offices: III
11. Crashes
12. Rug Burn
13. Astoria Suite