Music Composed by JAMES GOSLING


James Gosling’s Screamfest Award-winning score to The Hallow is the first addition to the ScreamWorks Records catalogue in 2016. Co-written and directed by Corin Hardy, The Hallow is set in the misty woods of Ireland, a spooky and incredibly effective setting that’s a character in its own right. The film tells the tale of a family who move into a remote mill house just to find themselves in a fight for survival with demonic creatures living in the forest. The Hallowcollected three awards at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival (including Best Horror Film) and swept five awards at the 2015 Screamfest (including one for Best Original Score).

The score to The Hallow is a musical journey that follows the emotional trajectory of our central characters Adam, Claire and their newborn baby” explains composer James Gosling about his approach to the film. It begins with the setting of the tone and place – the uncertainty of unfamiliar Irish shores. The score gradually helps to further fray the nerves as the local villagers make it clear their presence is unwelcome, until finally, and without giving too much away, we are embroiled in a tale of terror and sacrifice, and of love versus evil.” The Screamworks album also features the eerie song ‘The Woods’ performed by Sea Read.

Composer James Gosling completed his masters in ‘Music for the Screen’ at the National, Film and Television School in Beaconsfield. After graduating from the NFTS, he went on to assist Rob Lane on projects like the HBO mini-series John Adams, BBC’s flagship fantasy-adventure series Merlin, and it’s successor Atlantis. Currently splitting his time between the UK and France, James is now working on Lego’s recently announced animation series Nexo Knights. MovieScore Media’s previous releases of Rob Lane’sMerlin series include selected cues from Gosling as well.

SWR16001 • 
Release date (digital): February 5, 2016


1 The Hallow 3:51
2 Investigation 3:39
3 Race Against Time 4:12
4 Cora’s Story 1:41
5 Fleeing Creatures 5:39
6 Attack and Escape 2:31
7 Who’s Out There 3:27
8 Agony and Collapse 2:40
9 Barricading the House 1:23
10 Studying the Book 2:17
11 The Snatch 3:48
12 Rescue and Changeling 5:44
13 Transformation 3:40
14 The Lair 3:28
15 Finale 6:59
16 Claire 1:49
17 The Woods (Sea Read) 2:18