Music Composed by ANDRE MATTHIAS

MovieScore Media reeunites with composer Andre Matthias and CD label Kronos Records releasing the melodic and beautiful score for Kenneth Bi’s Wish You Were Here, an intimate but dramatic film about friendship and the challenge of making peace with your past.

“The music for Wish You Were Here ended up being my longest and most diverse score to date“ recalls Andre Matthias. “As always with Kenneth’s movies, we started early, way before pre-production when the script was being written, in fact. While this gave us time to develop many, many ideas, making sense out of everything, once in context, was a constant challenge. The music virtually took on a life of its own and guided us to wherever it wanted to go. Much like the movie itself, which underwent many changes until its final enigmatic form, writing the score became like solving a Rubik’s cube. Only that we never knew what the final result was supposed to look like. We felt it, but it was hard to grasp. Now, finally, we know.“

Andre Matthias took private piano and composition lessons before studying Musicology at the University of Hamburg. An avid fan of film music since the age of 12, he composed his first scores for the Hamburg University Players. After finishing his Master’s Degree, he scored many student films and the odd feature length project in between, before breaking onto the big screen with The Drummer(nominated for Best Original Film Score at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards). His next movies were, amongst others, the critically acclaimed The Light Thief, the futuristic thriller Control and the award winning Blessed Benefit, Centaur and Four Assassins(available from MovieScore Media and Kronos Records).

Release date (digital): March 22, 2019
CD available from Kronos Records


1 Opening 2:21
2 Yuan Yuan 3:36
3 Stranger 3:47
4 Questions 1:40
5 Pull of the Past 1:45
6 Something Unsaid 2:44
7 Home 2:03
8 Time 3:18
9 Snow Dance 2:42
10 Two Lives 1:57
11 Rehearsal 1:09
12 Layers 2:30
13 Memory Lane 4:04
14 Keiko 3:06
15 Something Lost 1:31
16 Journey 2:15
17 Tomiya 3:57
18 Why 1:12
19 Michiyo 3:39
20 No Turning Back 2:41
21 Redemption 4:25
22 Breath 2:23
23 Mystery Train 2:27
24 Sayonara 3:26
25 If She Had Wings 3:42
26 End Credits 3:31