LaGranPromesa (1)


MovieScore Media’s latest release is the stirring, emotionally-charged score for La gran promesa by Mexican composer Rodrigo Flores López. Directed by Jorge Ramírez-Suárez, the film tells the story of Mexican war photographer Sergio, who must steal his daughter after being snatched by a legal trick. But while he gets caught up in the battle, his boss steals credit from a photograph taken in Somalia that would make him a prize winner. With turmoil in both his private and professional life, Sergio must make the right choices if he ever wants to right the wrongs… A CD release of the soundtrack is available from Kronos Records.

“The score begins highlighting the main character’s passion for his profession, war photography, and his love for his newborn daughter Stella – But it seems like he can’t keep both,” explains the composer. “As it turns out, his inner debate, and fate, end up leaving him empty handed. I wanted to create a melodic and emotionally charged score that would accompany Sergio de Alba on his journey of reconciliation between those two worlds, and therefore, those two main musical ideas. When Jorge described the very touching sequence that would take place at a museum near the end, I immediately knew that this would be a crucial moment in the film. “A true photographer” and “The Grand Promise” became defining cues that would give closure to the contradicting emotions portrayed at the very beginning.“

Mexican composer Rodrigo Flores López holds Master’s degrees in film composing – one from the University of Bristol and one from New York University. He has amassed more than thirty credits in all kinds of productions. He composed the score for the film La Niña de la Mina (2016), directed by Jorge Eduardo “Tocayo” Ramírez. In 2013, Rodrigo composed the music for Televisa’s homage to Roberto Gómez Bolaños and the El Chavo franchise. That same year, he also composed the score for the film Guten Tag, Ramón, directed by Jorge Ramírez-Suárez, with whom he worked together on La gran promesa as well.

Release date (digital): March 15, 2019
CD available from Kronos Records


1 Principle of Contradiction (Part 1) 1:14
2 Principle of Contradiction (Part 2) 0:54
3 Credito Finito 1:46
4 I’m Sorry Mr. De Alba / Kidnapping 2:52
5 Part and Parcel of Being a Dad 1:02
6 A Family for Stella 2:48
7 A Promise for Stlla 3:09
8 Searching for Years 1:50
9 You’ve Got To Meet Her 1:33
10 I Remember You As a Dream 1:58
11 In Search of the Past 1:01
12 My Only Friend 2:42
13 The Brotherhood of the North 2:09
14 Bad News 1:19
15 Close to Home 2:31
16 Memories 2:46
17 Adoption 1:14
18 He’s Coming After Me 2:50
19 A True Photographer 2:58
20 Confrontation / Redemption 5:07
21 The Grand Promise (La Gran Promesa) 5:36